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Resurgence of Top Hammer Drilling
  In the 60's and 70's many quarries were littered with drilling tools scrap. This was in the shape of bent and broken extension rods, extracted after being stuck in the hole or blasted out.
Counting The Cost Of Compressed Air
  A thorough audit of any industrial compressed air system can reveal surprising opportunities to save on running costs. Compressed air - along with electricity and hydraulic systems - is an essential means of reticulating energy about any modern industrial enterprise.
New Solutions For The Arsenic-poisoning Crisis In Asia
  More than 15 years ago, scientists pinpointed the source of the contamination in the Himalaya Mountains, where sediments containing naturally occurring arsenic were carried downstream to heavily populated river basins below.
HDD Design Issues: Hydrofractures
  What are the important design issues associated with large diameter HDD projects and how can these issues be addressed? You could answer the first part of the question by identifying the issues that can prevent successful completion of an HDD bore.
Drill Bit Selection: Simplifying the Process
  With many choices available today, selecting the proper bit for a particular application can become quite confusing. There are spade, drag and shear type bits, point attack bits, PDC bits, milled tooth and TCI (tungsten carbide insert) roller cone bits.
Unique custom built rigs just for you
  The Eziprobe rigs were developed in Australia by John Lakeland to give Australian geotechnical and enviromental engineers the opportunity to use the direct push soil sampling method which has become the industry standard in the USA where it was developed.
Groundwater studies for arsenic contamination in Ghana
  Ashanti Region in Ghana has been a centre of major gold-mining activity since the late 19th century. One of the main mining towns is Obuasi. The principal gold-bearing ore is arsenopyrite (FeAsS) and the mining activity is known to have given rise to substantial airborne arsenic pollution from the ore-roasting chimney in the town as well as riverborne arsenic pollution derived from nearby tailings dams.
Safety alert following drill rig accident
  THE DEPARTMENNT of Mines and Energy Australia has released a safety alert for drillers in the mining industry.
Deeper and larger exploration holes with new Sandvik rigs
  The Sandvik DE100 range of exploration drill rigs is being expanded and the company says its new DE150 is its "most powerful exploration drill rig for underground exploration yet".
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