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Scientist: Global Warming Evidence, Claims Exaggerated
  Claims about the allegedly dire effects of global warming may be exaggerated, Patrick Michaels, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, said during a Thursday lecture at the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H.
Well drillers on call
  When Valerie Andrews arrives on a job site, people call her "the water lady.
India: Deepening water crisis
  If we don’t change our lifestyle and careless attitude towards Mother Nature, India will certainly experience severe water stress by 2020.- Satish Kumar Singh.
Champion Introduces New Enviro Range
  05/02/09 - Champion Compressors has introduced its new ‘Enviro’ range - a series of environmentally-friendly cost-efficient air compressors. Complementing Champion’s comprehensive range of rotary screw compressors, the compact tank-mounted Enviro series delivers reliable compressor performance, while boasting a number of built-in EH&S features.
Dubai's Waterfront project calls in Sandvik rigs
  Contractors have achieved drilling rates of up to 540 m/shift using Sandvik Ranger 780 Rock Pilot drill rigs and tools in a dewatering well project at the Dubai Waterfront site.
New Sandvik DE150 drill for deeper and larger holes
  Chosen by drilling contractors worldwide for their proven reliability and economical operation in underground and surface drilling applications, the Sandvik DE100 range is being expanded.
Mud Recycling Systems Operating & Maintenance Tips
  Mud recycling systems in general are fairly simple units to operate but there are some items that need to be watched and maintained in order to to keep your system running smoothly.
Facts About HDD Rigs
  Recently I was talking to a contractor who had just plopped down $200,000 for his first directional drill. The rig is self-contained, comes with 2.580 diameter drill pipe, pumps 28-30 gpm, will mix and pump bentonite and has 25,000 plus push/pull.
Water Well Casing and Screen Selection
  Water has played a vital role in the advancement of mankind. The earliest traces of civilization reveal that those cultures that flourished were able to employ water sources for domestic and agricultural purposes.
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