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Water Well Drilling and Development Scenario of Drilling Equipment in India
  Though, irrigation wells. Are known to exit from ancient times, real impetus to water well drilling for irrigation came only after independence and particularly with the launching of the planned development programme. Notable break through in water well drilling
Role of Engineers and Geologists on Exploratory Drilling
  The personnel of the Water Well industry may be divided mainly into the Engineering and Geological departments. Both of them are complementary to each other and share the responsibility of finding the water & bringing it to the surface from the under ground.
Clean Oil A Pre Requisite for any Hydraulic System
  In hydraulic installation large volumetric flows pass through extremely small gaps and clearances at very high pressures. This means that such an installation is considerably more sensitive to dirt and contamination in the hydraulic oil ...
Innovative application of Johnson V-wire Strainer
  In the area where screen installation is not possible during the drilling or after drilling, the telescopic screen or Packer Screen is used. In this method during drilling the casing is lowered with drill bit (with drill pipes) because of high collapsing nature of aquifer.
Drilling Industry Sectors And Objectives
  There is always a reason why holes are drilled within each of the industry sectors. The reason for making a hole is called the drilling objective which consists of four important parts : statements, standards, conditions and checks.
Profile of a Water Well Driller
  Drillers are as diverse a group of people as the industry in which they work. Every drilling operation is different and requires a highly skilled person to ensure that the drilling process is successful.
Need of Water Management
  Global water use has tripled in the period from 1950 to today. And water demand in coming decades is set to escalate as consequence of the population more of a water crisis than an energy crisis-and even wars for water. After all, it is essential for human life and has no substitute.
Selection of Drilling Rig
  Water is the single most important substance for sustaining life. As World population grows the need for new resources of water to meet growing demands also increases
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