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Selection of Drilling Rig

Water is the single most important substance for sustaining life. As World population grows the need for new resources of water to meet growing demands also increases, because groundwater is one of the 'major source of the supply man through the years has devised various methods to tap this hidden treasure. Because of varying conditions and varying needs it is often difficult to choose the best equipment to do the job. Today 97% of the world supply of the fresh water is through groundwater and wide variety of modern water well drilling equipments are available to probe for and reach groundwater supplies.

Water well drilling is both an art and a way of life" for those engaged in this occupation. To old time drillers nothing else can take the place of "putting down a hole". New comers today needs this field will find, too that well drilling is stimulating and rewarding occupation.

Before preparing drilling programme it is essential to have the water well rigs which needs your specific drilling requirements.

A rig that performs your job demands) as well as) the economical operations necessitates for maximum profitability in minimum time. Therefore, whenever you are inclined for buying a new rig whether, rotary, down the hole or a percussion, check out the following features before selecting the rig which can save you a real money and the term right rig for right formation can be implemented sincerely with minimum investment. 

If you are going to drill a hole in a hard, abrasive, alluvial soil, clay mixed with kankar and sandstone, gravel etc. etc., then opt for a mud rotary drilling rig. The size and depth of the borehole is pre-requisite before selection of the rig.  Once the size and depth of the bore hole is known, following features of the rig may be evaluated carefully;

Design and capacity of the mast.

Size and type of rotary table.

Capacity of draw-works.

Capacity of mud pump pressure, volume etc.

Capacity of prime-mover, H.P., RPN, Torque etc. etc

Drive and capacity of compound case.

Whether trailor mounted or truck mounted.

Capacity of hydraulic pumps for lifting mast.

Pull down and pull back forces if the rig is fitted with pull down system.

Select the size of drill pipe in accordance with the mast capacity, depth and size    of hole.

Accessories as per requirement.