Deeper and larger exploration holes with new Sandvik rigs
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Deeper and larger exploration holes with new Sandvik rigs

Sandvik is expanding its range of exploration drill rigs with its new DE 150 underground core drill. It has also announced a new modular Drill Shack which will ease drilling operator comfort in extreme conditions.

The Sandvik DE100 range of exploration drill rigs is being expanded and the company says its new DE150 is its "most powerful exploration drill rig for underground exploration yet". A surface version is under development and will be ready for market fourth quarter 2009.  The DE100-series drills are made to handle all types of drilling conditions within the scope of modern core drilling. The series include drills with capacities for deep hole drilling, as well as short-hole drilling, for production control. Drills for special applications can be customized, based on customer's needs. Additional equipment like water pumps, wireline equipment, and a range of power pack alternatives are available for different applications.

The DE150 is powered by a hydraulic motor producing torque of 2,000 Nm at 485 rpm." A hydraulic feed cylinder design gives a push and pull capacity of 15 t (147 kN) and depth capacity is up to 2,000 m (NQ rods). In underground applications the DE150 is powered by a 110 kW electric power unit giving a maximum working pressure of 250 bar and oil flow of 300 litres/min For surface application the DE150 can be powered by a diesel engine.

The DE150 shares many of the components used by other drill rigs in Sandvik's DE100-series. The drill unit features a stiff and torsion resistant steel profile feed boom and a direct coupled feed cylinder with a feed length of 1,700 mm and feed speed of max 0.63 m/s. The feed boom is mounted on a frame with tilt cylinder and mechanical supports. The mounting frame has been specifically designed for quick and easy set-up when fan drilling with a full range of adjustment from vertical down to vertical up. The DE150 offers exceptional push and pull capacity relative to its weight and size and is also available in steel for environments requiring explosion proof drill units.

Sandvik's DE150 Torque control is said to enable optimal balance for torque and rotation speed. The control panel is a pilot operated hydraulic system which gives the operator central control of all drilling operations including flush pumps, wireline hoist and boom tilt. The system also controls hydraulic system pressure, feeding force, hold back pressure, water pressure and water flow.

Sandvik also has a new Drill Shack for exploration drill rigs. Sandvik reckons that this is for customers who don't want to compromise on operator comfort and environmental safety and health.  It is designed for use with the DE130 and DE140 diamond core drills. The ‘shack' makes it possible to operate in arctic or sub- tropical climates and is easily transportable by helicopter, packed in compact units or in its entirety by tracked vehicles or mounted on a hook lift frame. Its modular design makes it suitable for both mobile and stationary units with quick assembly/pull down. The drill shack can be packed in compact units and is well suited for helicopter transportation to remote areas.

Wall elements are designed as sandwich panel reducing noise and heat, while laminated glass windows enhance operator safety. All corners and edges are reinforced with rails to enhance the strength of the panels as well as creating a safe and strong attachment point for the elements to the frame and the roof. The roof has the same structural design as the wall elements, giving superior strength, heat insulation and sound-proofing. To minimise draughts through the openings in the roof, they are equipped with brush strips. A mirror-inverted design allows element change out without stripping down the entire shack. Non-slip service areas ensure a safe place for servicing the rig.