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Werner Tool Company - Hole Hammers, Drill Rods and Other Mining Equipment

Werner Tool Company manufactures a wide tie of DTH button bits.
The Werner Tool Co manufacturers down the hole hammers, drill rods, cross-over subs and highly specialised mining equipment for use in mining/drilling sites throughout Australia.


Werner Tool Company manufactures drill rods to API specifications and also reverse circulation, as well as specials to customer requirements. Reverse circulation rods come in four sizes 3in, 3½in and 4in, in the lengths required. Drill rods are manufactured in sizes from AW upwards.
The material used by Werner Tool Company is A106B seamless pipe in schedule 40 or 80, although the schedule of pipe can be altered to suit customers requirements. Tool joints are manufactured from 4140-grade solid material.


Werner Tool Company manufacture drill rods and subs to API specifications. Reverse circulation rods and subs are available in four sizes, 3in, 3½in, 4in and 4½in.
The material used is A106B seamless steel pipe in schedule 40 or 80, or can be altered to suit customers’ requirements. The tool joints are heat shrunk into machine tolerance pipe then preheated and welded.


Werner Tool Company manufactures a wide range of DTH hammers, inclusive of the Werner Tool Company 3, 4 and 5 reverse circulation hammer. We only use Bohler or Assab materials. Extensive heat treatment tests have been carried out on piston material to ensure that they hold up to their required use. Also available is the inspection and servicing of worn or old hammers to return them to the field in a reliable condition. Spares are also available for most hammers in today’s market.


Werner Tool Company manufacture a wide tie of DTH button bits. Sizes range from the 43mm blast hole bits to 36in, and a wide range of shanks are available. Heat treatment of our DTH bits has been an extensive exercise, with our bits lasting longer than most of our competitors’ products. A variety of small size bits are usually available ex-stock, whilst the later bits are made to order.


Drill subs and crossover subs of Werner Tool Company are manufactured from 4140 grade solid material. The size and reads placed on subs are to customer requirement and can be made to suit most configurations.


Werner Tool Company manufacture a wide and comprehensive sizes of stabilizers as per customer requirements, sizes in this area can range from small to extremely large.
The manufacture of stabilizers is stated with hollow bar usually minimum of 12mm wall depending on the length and final rib OD. Ribs are either the more common welded, hued faced or tungsten flat top carbide.


We are currently manufacturers of large diameter hollow flight augers for the drilling industry. Using this system saves time and money in the fact that you drill down to your required depth with the auger and bit system with latch supplied. When the hole is drilled to depth, the internal latch and bit system is removed via a wireline system, the PVC is placed inside the auger whilst removing the auger from the hole you can gravel pack with no hassle or fuss.


Werner Tool Company has devised a solution to the problem of rebuilding worn DTH bits. We discovered a method of removing the carbides without damage to original parent metal (the bit face). Once removed, the bit is welded and heat treated, re-machined and carbides inserted, most bits look as new when they leave the workshop to work again.
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