NGWA: Itís time to recognize importance of groundwater
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NGWA: Itís time to recognize importance of groundwater

westerville, oh — The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) is encouraging water treatment equipment dealers and installers to recognize National Ground Water Awareness Week, celebrated March 8-14, by educating consumers about the importance of testing their water and matching the appropriate treatment technology to the actual need.
The awareness campaign recognizes the importance of groundwater and water well stewardship, as WaterTech Online® reported.

“NGWA has long recommended that well owners regularly test their water using qualified drinking water testing laboratories to determine if there is a health risk or aesthetic concern that warrant treatment. Then, with test results in hand, well owners should work with a qualified water treatment service provider to identify an appropriate treatment technology or technologies,” Cliff Treyens, NGWA public awareness director, told WaterTech Online on March 10.

According to Treyens, water treatment equipment dealers and installers also can inform the customer about performance testing programs for treatment systems, such as those of the Water Quality Association and NSF International, and explain whether the technology being provided to the customer has been voluntarily submitted for performance testing.

Extending the scope of National Ground Water Awareness Week to community and other suppliers that rely on groundwater as a drinking source, Treyens told WaterTech Online many customers of community water systems are unwittingly contributing to the pollution of the groundwater that serves as their supply.

“NGWA recommends that water suppliers educate their customers about the proper storage, use and disposal of hazardous household wastes to keep contaminants out of the groundwater in the first place,” Treyens said. “This information can be found in the ‘Water Quality’ section of NGWA’s water suppliers also can use to educate customers about water conservation. Customers can even go online to see how wisely they use water by trying our Water Use Calculator.”