Air Compressor Safety and Environmental Management
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Air Compressor Safety and Environmental Management

Air compressor manufacturer, Champion Compressors, is warning companies against reducing new air compressor purchasing budgets and extending periods between servicing, in order to cut running costs. History has proven that high quality and adequately maintained compressed air equipment becomes a tool in reducing costs and reducing the likelihood of workplace injuries, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Safety features are often ignored by manufacturers of cheap budget air compressors, with many ‘corners’ often cut. For example, when the cabinet doors are removed for repair work, the compressor's key risk areas relate to the drives, which join the motor to the air compressor, and the rotating shafts powering the air-cooling fan. Other dangers pertain to the hoses, valves and joints that channel high-pressure fluids. Cheap air compressors often do not have guards for moving parts, and are fraught with danger when service work is carried out.

Be sure to look out for air compressors that are compliant with the 'Australian Standard for Safeguarding of Machinery' AS4024, feature fixed guards where the possibility of entanglement in moving parts may exist, plus pressure switches and safety valves in certain risk areas to avoid over-pressure situations.