Andhra village gets water from air
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Andhra village gets water from air

Jalimudi village in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, will become the first village in the world to have a sustained supply of safe, clean drinking water derived from the humidity in the air, thanks to modern day technology.
The people of Jalimudi village had to walk a few kilometers everyday to get a pot or bucket of water for their daily needs, with the task being performed mainly by the women or children of the village.
The US company AirWater Corp, which designs and builds machines that extract humidity from the air to convert it into pure water, has installed the air-water plant in the village, a first in the world, to enable it to receive a continuous supply of water that is neither from a water source like the sea, river, lake or a well, nor that is transported by water tankers, bullock carts a pipeline.
The company builds machines that can produce 25 liters to over 5,000 liters of pure, filtered drinking water every day.
Michael Zwebner, president of Air Water
Corp said, "We are making history. This project is now real and the local inhabitants of Jalimudi have immediate and constant access to clean, clear and pure water 24x7.''
The unique water making machines will now sustain the lives of the villagers, and provide a real solution for the water needs of the local inhabitants.
The patented technology uses refrigeration techniques to condense water from the air. The equipment has UN classification under UN Code 181100. The air to water machines complete nature's distillation process by capturing water vapour before it touches the earth.
These machines provide a localised source of pure drinking water and do not require an external water source, pipes or catch basins. All they require is electricity or alternate power sources to condense, collect, filter and dispense crystal clear potable water. The system comprises the water plant, filtration panel, storage tank and taps.
The 'air water atmospheric water generator' is a humidity and temperature-driven machine. This means the machine totally depends on the level of humidity in the air and the temperature to produce water.
Ideally, the humidity level should be at least 55 per cent or above to achieve the machine's optimum performance. In places with lower humidity levels, the machine will still produce water but not as quickly, nor in as much quantity as in places with high levels of humidity.
The machine also depends on the temperature to operate at its' optimum level. The ideal temperature is 65° F or above. Because the AirWater Corporation's atmospheric water generator works by converting the humidity in the air to water, this unit also acts as an effective dehumidifier.
In areas with high humidity, the machine not only acts as a good water generator, but also a perfect dehumidifier, as well.
Although the air-water station in Jalimudi village has already been built, it will be inaugurated on 17 February by local MLA Chitturi Ravindra from Burugupudi and government officials.
In 2006, the Florida-based company had built the first-of-its-kind custom made air to water AW-1000M mobile unit machine for the Indian armed forces, which produces up to 1,000 liters of high quality drinking water per day by extracting water from natural air. This large-sized air to water machine can either be site located or trailer mounted allowing for easy and fast transportation for immediate deployment.
AirWater Corporation has operations worldwide, and has recently donated and supplied a number of these machines to Sri Lanka and Thailand to provide pure drinking water for the victims of the Tsunami disaster.
AirWater Corp and its assocaite Atmospheric Water Technology Inc, both subsidiaries of Universal Communication Systems, Inc., US, have appointed as their sole licensees in India, owned by the Katgara business group, which owns the over 100-year old global logistics provder, Jeena & Company and also operates Travel Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd., one of India's largest travel companies.