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Drilling Rig (PRD Super Drill 1500)
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Product Code : P-05

Product Specification

PRD Super Drill 1500:
Technical Specifications:


6" to 12" dia. bore holes to a depth of 1500 ft. (454 mtr.)

Prime Mover

Truck mounted rig with power from truck engine or separate deck engine

Work Method

Rotation with direct circulation, nucleus destruction with bleeding by water, air or foam


Box type structure

Max. Capacity

44000 lbs (20 tons)

Max. height

27ft (8.18 mtr.)

Rod handling capacity

20ft. (6.1 mtr.)

Hydraulic system

Max. operating pressure


3200 psi (225 kgs.)

Hydraulic oil cooler

95 gpm fin type cooler fan drive through hydraulic motor

Pull up and pull down

By means of hydraulic cylinder and wire rope, Reeving Ratio 1:3

Max. pull up force

25400 lbs (11545 kgs.)

Max. pull up speed

198 ft./min. (60 mtr./min.)

Max. pull down force

1905lbs (8650 kgs.)

Max. pull down speed

356 ft./min. (180 mtr./min.)

Rotary Head

Rotary head is powered by one hydraulic motor

Max. torque

40575 in-lbs (465 kg-mtrs.)

Max. speed

0 to 150 rpm


Four hydraulic jacks of 125 x 70 x 700mm stroke

Water Injection Pump

Triplex reciprocating pump of 50lpm 1000psi powered by hydraulic motor

Break out wrench

To open the drilljoints hydraulic break out wrench of 350mm stroke will be provided with
pulley and rope attached.

Corousel Rod Changer

The pivoted corousel rod changer with 6 rods handling capacity with hydraulic operated swing
cylinder arrangement along with winch of one ton capacity to carry drill rods, casings and
hammer tools

Optional attachments

Welding machine, mud pump, diesel filling pump, skid platform with deck engine, box type jack

Suitable compressor

1000cfm, 275psi/1100cfm, 300psi/1150cfm, 300psi/900cfm, 350spi, (Separate truck)


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