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Sandvik GT60 heavy-duty drilling tool system


To keep pace with developments in modern bench-drilling, Sandvik has developed a heavyduty
Ø 60 mm drilling-tool system for blast holes ranging from Ø 92 to 152 mm (3 5/8 to 6”). With its high hole quality it has quickly become a new industry standard in service on hundreds of rigs worldwide.

Introducing the GT60 thread design
Called Sandvik GT60, the drill string components feature an entirely new thread design. Compared with T51 rods, the 40% larger rod cross-section of the GT60 rods provides 65% higher bending stiffness and withstands the impact-waves from the piston much longer. So much so that both drill-rod and shank adapter life can be doubled. As an extra bonus, the more rigid drill string permits optimum drilling patterns and higher rates of penetration.

High flexibility
The Sandvik GT60 system makes the use of a drill rig more flexible. In order to raise output, quarries want to drill the largest holes possible from the productivity point of view. Although the average hole size is still around 3.5 inches, more and more sites want to drill five and sixinch holes. With the Sandvik GT60 system, you can drill six-inch holes, with the added advantage of also being able to drill much smaller holes with the same rig.

More rational drilling tool inventories
Drill and blast contractors have been quick to see the economic benefits of the GT60’s high drilling precision, high productivity and system versatility. The machine and tool inventories can be made more rational – the same rig can be used to drill 92, 96, 102, 115, 127, 140 and 152 mm blast holes. And the system copes comfortably with bench heights up to 30 meters for holes up to 127 mm and up to 20 meters for 140 mm holes without any guiding extras. However, for holes larger than Ø 127 mm (4”),
high benches and difficult rock conditions, we recommend the new Sandvik GT60 Pilot Tube as the first rod up front to really ensure hole straightness and efficient flushing.

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