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Gates Expands Automotive and Heavy-Duty Parts Line Coverage, Announces Inventory Optimization Capabilities

Preformed hose bend, wear indicator system, enhanced cut end hose system

Gates Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial and automotive products, announces the addition of more than 600 new automotive and heavy-duty part numbers to its complete line of OE-quality products.

The new part numbers cover a wide range of categories, including serpentine belts, power steering assemblies and repair kits, coolant hose, and heavy-duty water pumps. The parts are designed to ensure exact fit on import and domestic vehicles, including 2012 models. Applications include hybrid and electric vehicles such as the Ford Fusion, Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf.

“Gates strives to be the global leader in automotive parts availability,” said David Miller, Gates VP of Marketing. “With this latest release of parts, we’re ensuring that our customers throughout the distribution channel have the right parts at the right time to make the sale or complete the repair.”

In addition to offering a full line of parts, Gates provides its customers with valuable product stocking recommendations through PartsTrak™, a proprietary inventory optimization software. Utilizing Polk data, regional sales ranks, sales trends, product failure rates and new number releases, Gates is able to generate stocking recommendations ensuring proper inventory levels by specific region, market and county.

“The more our customers know about their market, the more likely they are to have the parts on-hand when their customers call or walk through the door,” said Miller. “Gates continues to expand our automotive product line and business-building capabilities to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

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