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Doosan Joins the Education Donation Campaign for Education to Nurture Talents in Science

- Signs a MOU for "promoting donations for education" with the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology
- Develops and operates the "Doosan Science Class," and assists students with their future course of study and career


Doosan, who emphasizes human talents-focused management under the philosophy of “People are the future,” has joined a donation campaign in education to nurture future human resources in science.

On December 22, Doosan said that it had signed a MOU on “encouraging donations for education” with the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology at Doosan Tower in Euljiro 6-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul. In attendance at the ceremony were Ju-ho Lee, Minister of Education, Science and Technology and Doosan Chairman Y.H. Park.

Under the MOU, Doosan is to join the donation campaign for education by using its global network, its professional human resources in affiliates and facilities. The Ministry and the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity will assist Doosan to ensure that Doosan can seamlessly carry out its activities in educational donation in the program development and operation.

In order to nurture future human resources in science, Doosan will operate a Science Car and Science Lab beginning in the second half of 2012. Science Car is a program in which a bus is transformed into a science classroom that visits elementary schools across the nation. This program is aimed at encouraging students to develop an interest in science through hands-on experience.

By making the most of the advantages of its respective affiliates, Doosan also plans to operate the following programs: the Advertising School of Oricom (advertising agency), Experience of We’ve Green Future Pavilion with Doosan Engineering and Construction, and study tours to production plants of various subsidiaries. These programs will help students experience a diverse world of occupations, and seek their future course of study and careers.

Additionally, Doosan will continue to develop its existing programs, including educational support for Special High schools and Meister High Schools. It will conduct training programs for students from elementary, middle schools, and high schools nationwide, and will provide books and assistance for schools in isolated areas.

Chairman Y.H. Park said, “Doosan has always been mindful of corporate social responsibility and has been putting it into practice,” adding, “Donations for education that utilize our capacities is very meaningful, and we will step up our efforts in diverse programs to cultivate human resources who will spearhead the future of Korea.”

Minister Ju-ho Lee said, “Doosan Group’s donations towards education is significant in that a company is participating in the efforts to nurture human resources,” adding, “Notably, various experience programs, including their Science Class, and Science Teachers’ Overseas Study Tours will make major contributions to the cultivation of scientific human resources.”


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