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List of Top 50 China Construction Machinery Products of the Year 2014 Released SANY Excavator Won the Highest Award

On March 19, Development Forum on Construction Machinery Products 2014 & Award Ceremony for the Top 50 China Construction Machinery Products was held in Beijing. SANY’s SY75C-9 series excavator 2013 stood out from the numerous construction machinery products and won the highest prize, the Goldfinger award.

The Development Forum on Construction Machinery Products 2014 was themed with the three core parts of product power, namely, driving force, imagination, and influence. The focus topics like energy conservation & environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, etc. were discussed. From the released Top 50 China Construction Machinery Products of the Year 2014 list, we can see that energy conservation & environmental protection using, quality reliable products won the industry experts’ favor better.

SANY’s SY75C-9 series excavator 2013, our prize-winning machine, fully embodies the new changes in the industry. With the basic research achievements as heat dissipation technology, new materials, cushion technique, and silencer being used, the excavator’s reliability and stability are increased by a large margin. Besides, the market share of 29.5% in 2013 also shows us its popularity.

The “Top 50 China Construction Machinery Products” campaign was begun in 2006, and has been held for 8 consecutive years now. It aims at concluding and summarizing the latest achievements on technology and products in construction machinery industry of the past year, recording the advances of industrial technology, and guiding the direction of products & technology innovation. Targeting all the products in the Chinese construction machinery market, the core standard of the campaign is the technical innovation, market performance, and contribution of the products.
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