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Doosan Opens ICT-based Remote Monitoring Service Center and Software Center for Power Plants


Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (Chairman & CEO Geewon Park) has begun a drive to expand its power plant service business by integrating power plant engineering, which has been conventional manufacturing, with the latest information and communication technology (ICT).

On April 1, the company announced the opening of the new Software Center at its Seoul Office, following on from the launch of its Remote Monitoring Service Center (RMSC) in January.

The RMSC and the Software Center will collect and analyze the streams of big data generated by power plant operation, as part of a process that is expected to enhance plant availability and optimize operational efficiency.

The RMSC, located at the company’s Changwon Headquarters, is equipped with an early warning system for abnormal operational conditions, and a real-time monitoring system. Via an exclusive telecom network, the center receives data on core facilities operations from the control center of a power plant in real time, and instantly provides an optimized solution in the event of a problem.

By processing the massive amount of accumulated data received through the RMSC, the software center provides information and solutions that can improve the technical design of power plants, enhance operational efficiency, and provide an advanced repair service.

Recently, project hosts in Korea and overseas have demonstrated a preference for long-term service contracts that include a remote monitoring service for power plants. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is expected to further raise its stature in the global power service market by integrating the capacities of the two ICT-based centers with its existing business encompassing the design, production and repair of facilities, in which it boasts global competitiveness.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction aims to win projects to provide a long-term maintenance service for three to four power plants in Korea within the year, and plans to make inroads into overseas markets, including Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia.

Chairman & CEO Geewon Park of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction stressed that, “The integration of ICT and power plants is a new challenge for the company which will expedite our future growth. Through the ICT-based RMSC and the Software Center, we expect to not only increase our customer value but also to expand our service markets.”
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