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TT rolls out new generation of soil-displacement hammers


Tracto-Technik has launched a new generation of soil displacement hammers. The Grundomat N series will initially be available in Germany, before being introduced to the international market in 2012.
The Grundomat-N features a crowned head, which expands the borehole to the full bore diameter. This extends the application spectrum for soil-displacement hammers to soils where a high cutting efficiency is vital.
The hammer works in four steps, offering an advanced strike, pulverisation, conversion and penetration.
According to Tracto-Technik, the small, attacking surfaces on the cutting crowns improve effectiveness since they provide high striking energy.
The sharp cutting crowns can be rammed into larger stones to pulverise them while the material displaced passes the head openings and is converted to the rear of the head so that penetration can begin.
The hammer also features a triple-gear control stud. Striking frequency is chosen via the two forward gears, so it is easier to adapt to various soils, providing smooth and constant propulsion. The machine can also be switched into reverse gear.
Tracto-Technik says that the Grundomat-N requires little maintenance and offers a long service life.

The head and piston have been hardened, and the casing coated inside and out, while the piston rests on slide rings to prevent friction.
Seal rings keep air consumption low, while maintenance can often be carried out on site.
A tensioning element spreads the threading like a dowel, thus fastening the casing end into the main casing, so there is no need for any adhesive on the threaded connections, so no hardening times are necessary.
Courtesy Geo Drilling International

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