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New Sonic Drill Rig Able to Fit in 20’ Shipping Container


The new SDC-350 sonic drill rig sits inside a 20’ shipping container, prior to overseas delivery.

Sonic Drill Corporation, a world leader in sonic drilling technology, has engineered and released a sonic drill rig that can fit within a 20’ shipping container.

“We constantly heard from clients that they wanted a physically smaller machine with the same horsepower that could be used in small spaces,” says Tom Savage, president of Sonic Drill Systems, the company that also manufacturers the larger elite Sonic Drill Corporation rigs.

“The SDC-350 has the same award-winning technology and exacting engineering standards but applied to a crawler rig on tracks that can easily fit within a 20 ft. shipping container.”

“This latest model also reduces the cost of shipping by two-thirds,” he adds.

With its agile smaller size, lighter footprint and lower price, the launch of the SDC-350 has created a buzz with buyers who previously thought a sonic drill rig was out of reach.

The new model quickly drills through a variety of formations to more than 250 feet, using water for

It can handle drill tooling up to 8" in diameter and tilt up to 60 degrees. Powered by a CAT 6-cyl. diesel engine, the SDC-350 produces 173 HP [129 KW] @ 2200 RPM. With its smaller size, the SDC-350 can be towed behind on a variety of platforms, remain street legal and, in most cases, be driven by someone with a lower class driver’s licence.

One of its many applications is environmental core sampling. The Sonic Drill Corporation is also planning the upcoming release of the SDC-390 – an even more powerful version of the SDC-350. Although the SDC-390 will be heavier, it will also offer the most powerful sonic drill head on the planet.


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