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"Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA, Inc." (Auburn, WA) acquires TBM-Specialists "Construction & Tunneling Services, Inc." (Kent, WA).

For the world-wide recognized Herrenknecht AG (Schwanau, Germany), the North American Market is one of the most important future markets for mechanical excavation. In reference to quality, safety, reliability and service, the American contractors request the best. Based on the growing interest in innovative tunneling systems for large diameters (4.2 m diameters and up) for traffic and service infra structures, Herrenknecht has increased the service and sales capacity of its daughter >>Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA, Inc.<< (HTS) in Auburn (Washington State) step by step. Alongside highly qualified Service personnel, Herrenknecht also has its own Cutter manufacturing facility (excavation tools for hard rock excavation) in Tacoma (Washington State) since 2000.

With the recent acquisition of >>Construction & Tunneling Services, Inc.<< (CTS) which has been operating in the US market for the past 16 years and were located in Kent (Washington State), HTS is now able to offer even more comprehensive and first class service with regards to operation, maintenance and revision of tunneling systems of all kinds to contractors and their projects. The TBM experts at CTS have an excellent reputation in the North American market when it comes to their know-how in design, maintenance as well as spare part service not only in hydraulic and electrical field but also in the cutter market. In addition, the CTS expert team of 8, who will immediately start working with the HTS experts, is very experienced in the systematic and economical modification and refurbishment of TBMs. With the acquisition of CTS, Herrenknecht provides a solid basis to bring future local manufacturing and refurbishment as well as purchasing in the USA up to speed and a guarantee for North American clients that project support and service is quickly available.

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