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CME Announces New Sales Rep for Mountain States

Veteran Driller Has Worked in Geotech, Environmental, Water

Drill manufacturer Central Mine Equipment Company has announced a new outside sales representative for the Mountain states. Brad Jouppi, an experienced driller from Littleton, Colorado, joined the company in early April.

In a release, the company says it’s “excited” to have Jouppi aboard due to his experience. He has operated CME drills for several years on geotechnical, environmental and water well projects. CME says customers will find him a valuable resource due to his background, which includes auger drilling, rotary drilling, diamond core drilling, air hammer and Odex systems.

Central Mine Equipment Company manufactures a range of drills for mounting on trucks, rubber tire ATVs, tracked carriers, trailers and skids. The company makes support equipment and standalone carriers, and carries a wide range of tooling and drilling supplies. Drill rigs are custom-built to suit individual drilling and sampling requirements. For more information, visit www.cmeco.com.

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