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Piling Equipment Ltd. Releases its Cobra T12000 Rotary Rig

Company Calls Mini-Rig ‘Ideal’ for Limited-Access Drilling
Piling Equipment Ltd. Releases its Cobra T12000 Rotary Rig
U.K.-based manufacturer Piling Equipment Ltd. has released its latest rotary rig, the Cobra T12000.

In a release, the company calls the Cobra T12000 “the ideal rig for working on restricted-access and low-headroom sites.”

The mini-rig has a basic weight of under 6,300 pounds (2,850 kg), with a small footprint and fully adjustable rubber tracks. The company says its size and maneuverability allow it to easily fit through doorways and work well in confined spaces.

“We are very excited to be producing a range of machines which are so iconic,” says Mark Symes, the company’s managing director.

Piling Equipment calls the Cobra a compact, powerful machine for all standard piling functions. It says the rig has many standard features, like a state-of-the-art Hatz engine for low emissions, better fuel economy and reduced engine noise, yet is fully customizable.

Piling Equipment initially blueprinted the Cobra range. Once it established a core design, the company combined forces with German manufacturers Adler Arbeitsmaschinen. The Cobra further developed with Adler’s engineering and manufacturing input, with additional variants released — including the first Cobra drop-hammer, the D500. Cobra drop-hammers (D500 and D1000) are manufactured in Germany. The majority of Cobra models, including the T12000, are manufactured in the U.K.

Piling Equipment Ltd. designs and manufacturers a range of piling and drop-hammer rigs. Its lineup includes CFA, driven, rotary and mini piling rigs. The company sells globally, and rents equipment throughout the U.K. For more information, visit www.piling-equipment-ltd.com.
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