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Doosan Heavy Industries & Constructionís Youth Energy Project Idea Contest Draws Unique Ideas

Seung-ju Choi, division head of the Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Technology Research Center, poses with the FUHOPE Team, winner of the Grand Prize for its proposal of a way to generate electricity on Mars.

- 455 submissions received from college student teams in Korea and abroad
- Grand Prize awarded to team suggesting a way to generate electricity on Mars
“Produce electricity that will meet the needs of 100,000 people on Mars with natural energy and energy from human activities.” “Construct a power plant using greenhouse gas as the energy source.” “Create cheap water purification facilities with activated coconut carbon.”

On December 11, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (Vice Chairman & CEO Geewon Park) announced the winner of the Youth Energy Project Idea Contest, a competition of innovative thoughts the Company has conducted since September with the aim of discovering ideas for future energy sources from college students in Korea and abroad. The Company received ideas from 455 teams, and awarded the Grand Prize to the team that suggested a method of generating electricity on Mars.

FUHOPE, a joint team of Seoul National University, Chung-Ang University and Konkuk University, suggested their idea for generating energy to meet the needs of 100,000 people by using solar energy, wind energy, methane gas, and energy from human activities, including walking, on the assumption that human beings will one day move to Mars and live there.

The team’s idea consists of methane gas-based power generation using the methane emitted by humans, which amounts to around 200 grams per day. They also propose using the energy generated by walking to generate electricity, principally by attaching piezoelectric elements to the soles of shoes. The team won high marks for the innovativeness of their idea and the logical descriptions of their plans, although the idea itself comes closer to the realms of sci-fi movies than reality.

In addition, the Green Energy Makers, a team from Pohang University of Science and Technology, received one of the runner-up prizes by suggesting the paradoxical idea of building power plants that run on greenhouse gas, the main cause of air pollution, as the main energy source. The Dinkadinka team from Gyeongsang National University also won a runner-up prize by proposing a method of supplying low-cost water purification facilities to South Sudan using activated coconut carbon, which is abundant in the African country.

The winner of the Grand Prize was awarded US$ 4,631, and the runner-up US$ 2,779. The top two teams also won an opportunity to take overseas tours to India, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic.

Myung-woo Kim, head of the Management Division at Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, said that “the participants in the competition suggested many innovative and quality ideas that could elevate the value of the earth,” adding, “since students are participating in the idea contest with increasing enthusiasm, we will continue hosting it.”

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