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Adria Manufacture - Portable Substations for Mining


Adria’s portable substation can accommodate any kVA size and voltage level. All of our substations are able to be tilted vertically for slinging in a mine shaft.

Adria is a ISO 9001:2008 registered company specialising in underground mining electrical equipment. Our most popular medium-voltage products include portable substations, mine power centers, monobloc skid mounted substations, portable switchgears, portable medium-voltage switches, junction boxes, etc. We can also produce high-quality custom products to fit customer needs or special application.

We offer a wide range of low-voltage equipment such as single or multiple output power take-off panels (PTO), motor starter and controls, automation control panel (PLC), and control and protection panels for power station.

Portable substations for underground mines

With sales all over the world, our portable substations are well renowned in the industry. Although the 1,000kVA transformer size is the most common, we can accommodate basically any kVA, voltage and frequency level in our skid-mounted substations. It typically contains a high-voltage load break switch, a mine duty power transformer and a secondary low-voltage distribution.

The mine power center can be equipped with many options, such as ground fault protection, ground pilot wire monitoring, neutral grounding resistor and monitoring, infrared inspection viewports (for thermography inspection), arc flash detection system, and so on. In addition to a standard 'step-down' configuration, our portable substation can be also configured as a 'step-up' unit, or voltage booster substation.

Portable switchgear for mining applications

A custom mine power center that was produced for a client in Canada. This design features multiple segregated 600V motor starters and 600V branch feeder breakers with ground fault protection.

Our portable switchgear is specially designed for mining uses. We offer two different prodct lines: skid-mounted switches and stacked switch line up.

Skid-mounted switches version are compact, rugged and mounted on a continuous skid. Switch unit are installed side by side (or back to back) and can accommodate a wide variety of configuration. As per our substation, our portable switchgear can be supplied at any voltage level and capacity. The low profile design allows the portable switchgear to be moved easily in tight spaces and galleries.

The stacked switch design allows you to have rugged equipment that can be installed permanently in an underground electrical room. It features a fully welded construction and a rigid base with fork-lift access. This is the ideal product to set up switchgear where height is less a concern.

Medium and high-voltage junction boxes
We design and supply various type of medium and high-voltage junction boxes. Whether it is with bussbar and post insulator, or with submersible deadfront connector system, our junction boxes will fulfill your needs.

The standard medium-voltage junction box is generally wall mounted or rack mounted. They can be customised to fit your requirements. For the high-voltage junction boxes, they can be wall mounted, base mounted and skid mounted. If your application is more specific, we can design a unit that will meet your requirements.

Power take-off panels (PTO)
Our Jx series power take-off panel offers a variety of advantages. It includes multiple output, auxiliary distribution, ground fault protection and rugged construction. In order to ease manipulation, lifting eyes and fork-lift slots in the base is standard on our Jx series PTO panel.

We also offer single-output power take-off panel. Technically similar to the Jx series, they offer only one ground fault monitored output and can be wall mounted.

All of our power take-off ground fault panels can accommodate different brand of receptacle to fit your standard mine site installation.

About Adria
With our product line up, you have a one stop source for all your underground electrical equipment needs. Do not hesitate to use the form below to send us your business inquiry.

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