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Vermeer Introduces New Reclaimer For Work in Oil and Gas Fields

R600HC meets the IECEX standards for areas where Methane, Ethylene and similar gases are present

Vermeer has introduced a new drilling fluid reclaimer specially designed drilling applications in areas where Methane, Ethylene and similar gases are present. The R600HC is designed without an on-board power source for operation. The contractor supplies the power source to meet the local work site regulations.
Key components are not capable of generating sparks that are ignition capable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. With these components, the R600HC meets the rigorous International Electrotechnical Commission Explosive (IECEX) guidelines.
“We took the time to comprehensively study the global market and its current needs," said Jon Heinen, pipeline business manager for Vermeer. “As a manufacturer, we saw an opportunity to leverage our engineering and technology expertise along with a strong dealer network to develop and fully support a product that satisfies a growing need in the oil and gas industry.”
The R600HC is an 8,361-gallon (31,649.8 L) capacity fluid reclaimer that utilizes a series of shakers, screens and cones to filter out solids, producing reusable drilling fluid. The unit features dual self-contained entrance and exit points on its elevated platform for efficient access to the working deck. The one-level deck provides a centralized location for all major operating controls.
Drilling fluid is routed first through a pre-screen separation tank prior to flowing into the shaker deck. This allows larger cuttings and material to be removed, helping to reduce wear on the reclaimer’s screens and cones. Operators can choose either linear or elliptical shaking motion depending on drilling conditions for job site specific recycling performance.
Each shaker is equipped with four vibration-isolating airbags, which isolates the vibration from the rest of the machine. A trough collects the underflow from the desilter cones and routes fines to the upstream side of the shaker, eliminating direct flow from the cones to the shaker to maximize the dewatering process. Two independent hydraulic jacks lift and lower the front of the machine to either operation or transport mode. An on-board manual-start diesel engine enables the machine to be set up prior to connection to an external power source. The R600HC uses industry recognized shakers, cones and MCM centrifugal pumps. Service, parts replacement and support is provided by an independent, authorized Vermeer dealer network.
The R600HC is available worldwide and designed to meet IECEx guidelines, which are fully accepted within the Australian and New Zealand markets. Before the R600HC can be placed into service, third-party certification by the contractor is required and dependent upon specific geographic location. The certification may include additional requirements.
For more information on Vermeer products and services, visit the company’s website at or email Vermeer at

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