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HammerHead launches ROUGHNECK™ R500 Pneumatic Rock Hammer System


HammerHead has introduced a pneumatic hammer rock drilling system capable of drilling 6.25-inch-diameter holes at penetration rates of up to 150 feet an hour. The new HammerHead ROUGHNECK R500 turns any horizontal directional drill in the construction industry into a high-production rock drilling machine.
The ROUGHNECK R500 Pneumatic Rock Hammer system is a larger version of the ROUGHNECK R400 system introduced last year. The newest ROUGHNECK includes the R500 air hammer with heavy-duty, high-flow housing; 6.25-inch straight and offset bits; patent-pending pullback kit; control station/oiler; and drill conversion kit. The ROUGHNECK R500’s heavy-duty housing permits directional drilling in varying rock conditions without changing out the housing. The larger bore diameter of the housing allows the ROUGHNECK hammer to send more air to the internal piston for maximum efficiency, resulting in faster and harder blows. Standard API thread makes housing connections easy.
The patented offset rock bit design provides precise steering, allowing the operator to navigate a wide variety of ground conditions. Integrated face-cleaning exhaust ports help prevent plugging of the hammer for reliable performance, and the patented check valve located within the bit eliminates ingestion of debris.
The control station utilizes the drill’s existing mud pump to efficiently deliver air, oil and fluids down hole, reducing footprint size and weight. Integrated electronics facilitate the drilling operation and provide the operator with control and increased productivity without leaving the drill operator’s station. All ROUGHNECK control stations can be installed with a tee and a ball valve on the high pressure side of the mud pump, which directs airflow to the drilling fluid supply line.
Like all HammerHead products, ease-of-maintenance is built in. The ROUGHNECK system is equipped with patented spanner wrench holes in the front and rear of the hammer, reducing the number of breakout tongs required to change out the bit or service the tool.
The ROUGHNECK R500 rock hammer system is available worldwide from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment or from authorized dealers. Authorized dealers can be found on
the web at or
by calling 800.331.6653. (International: + [1] 262.567.8833).

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