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Fraste FS 400 mineral exploration drilling rig.

freste FS 400 mineral drill

Fraste reaches the East European Zone and makes it in Grand Style!
The approval of our Exploration drilling rigs series goes on.
The achievement among the exploration drilling field is confirmed by the recent delivery to a very important Polish customer, that is active in the mining industry, of one Fraste FS 400 drilling rig mounted on 4-axles Iveco truck.
This supply is an important mile stone for Fraste as it is the first deep mineral exploration drilling rig destined to the European market.
The client has selected the FS 400 as it offers the best Quality standards available on the market, very innovative construction criteria, performances that come up to working expectations and investment adequacy.
The rig was specially designed for the use of different drilling and soil coring systems, sometimes very deeply, too; it works with advanced techniques to obtain the maximum productivity in the whole respect of the environment and the subsoil; as usual in the Fraste Style.
The FS 400 gives the possibility of working with all deep coring systems used within the mineral industry as wire-line continuous coring drilling, direct and revers air drilling.
Here the main technical specifications of the FS 400 drilling rig:

  • 25 ton pulling capacity
  • Fraste DM14 4-speeds rotary head for 1360 daNm torque and 1400 rpm max.
  • The high speed wire-line winch (240 m/1) can reach 1200 m. depth.
The drill unit is fitted with a very special and unique hydraulic arm for the fast, safe and fully automatic core barrels handling. The system allows the automated frontal loading of core barrels to get 3 m. long samples, without involving the operator in the dangerous equipment handling operations.
The core barrels loading arm assure a stated operating procedure (no more random system), death time reduction and a higher profitability of the drilling rig. The system is fully radio controlled.
The continuous research of new solutions to follow in the best way customer demands, the high quality of components and materials and the total care for all details to give final user the maximum satisfaction have given to Fraste the opportunity to be well recognized not only within water research field but also within the deep mineral exploration industry.

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