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CSDA Roundtables Offer Great Insight

CSDA announces the release of the proceedings from two roundtable discussions held during the CSDA 2014 Convention and Tech Fair.
The two topics discussed were Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Employees and The Benefits of Automating Your Processes. The proceedings from these roundtables have been transcribed and are now available to download through the "Members" section of the CSDA Website, while an excerpt from one of the sessions is available to all via CSDA’s homepage,
As is the case in many industries, concrete cutting, polishing and imaging contractors are finding it increasingly difficult to not only find qualified employees, but also to retain them. Many young people do not view construction jobs as desirable or are unaware of the range of jobs available in the concrete renovation industry. The Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Employees roundtable encouraged discussion about successful hiring practices and what methods contractors have found effective for employee retention. Attendees shared information about some of the latest methods they had used and reinforced that some of the tried-and-tested ways still apply.
Automating any business process—be it in the field, shop or office—reduces employee involvement in mundane or routine tasks and allows people to concentrate on other pressing business matters. Proper office automation allows a few people to do the job of many, so attendees of The Benefits of Automating Your Processes discussed the possibilities and practicalities of this concept.
Conversations revolved around why automation is beneficial and how some business owners are using automation and technology to make their lives simpler.
The release of these proceedings allows other business owners to benefit from the wisdom shared, and any member can take advantage of the information provided to improve their company. CSDA currently has 27 roundtable transcripts on a wide range of topics, all available to download in PDF format.
Roundtable transcripts are available on the CSDA Website. For more information, contact the CSDA office at 727-577-5004 or email

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