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Chicago Pneumatic supplies rivet buster to aid restoration of Doverís historic cruise terminal

Specialist contractor McNealy Brown Limited has paid tribute to Chicago Pneumaticís CP4608 rivet buster for its crucial role in a major project to refurbish the Port of Doverís historic Cruise Terminal building. The handheld tool was used in a vital phase of the project which strengthened the roof structure by removing and replacing the original rivets.

Chicago Pneumaticís CP4608 rivet buster

McNealy Brown, a firm of specialist structural steel fabricators, architectural metalworkers and design and installation engineers, started work on the project at the Port of Doverís Western Docks in 2013. The main terminal building, which was completed in 1914, is the former Dover Marine Railway Station and now plays a key role at the UKís second busiest cruise port. Situated in the more exposed Western Docks, the building had suffered from corrosion that was exacerbated by recent bad weather. The damage necessitated the replacement of the lattice-work purlins on a section of the roof spanning 10.5m, as part of the Port of Doverís work to restore and enhance its major heritage assets for the benefit of its customers and community.
The rivets which fastened together a series of steel laminations had to be carefully removed before the steel work could be reinforced and tension control bolts put in place. Carefully working from scaffolding 12m from the ground, the team faced a difficult challenge in strengthening and realigning the components of the roof while maintaining the integrity and character of the historic structure.
The CP4608 rivet buster from Chicago Pneumatic had the correct combination of lightweight handling and dynamic power to enable the removal of dozens of rivets. Keith Bryant, Contracts Manager at McNealy Brown, said: ďBy using the CP4608 we have been able to remove the rivet heads and punch out the remaining rivet shaft through the hole. We have removed hundreds of rivets to date, comprising both individual rivets and clusters. It is a difficult job and has taken some considerable time but the rivet buster enabled us to apply the correct amount of pressure to remove the rivets safely and without causing damage. In fact, we have become specialists in rivet busting, having worked on several other historic transport buildings in the South of England, including St Pancras, Waterloo and Brighton stations.Ē
Colin Frost, Business Development Manager at Chicago Pneumatic, said: ďThis has been a fascinating and challenging project for the contractors and the CP4608 has been an important ally in helping them to make progress. They have benefited from having a very precise and powerful tool in a compact package. One of the big advantages of this rivet buster is the controlled power system, which gives the user ability to vary the amount of power being applied.Ē
The CP4608 offers approximately the same hitting power as a 30kg (60lb) breaker but is only half the weight. These works will be continuing over the next year.


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