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Cat® MD6640 Rotary Drill: Productivity and Longevity

Cat® MD6640 Rotary Drill

As the next generation of the top-selling electric Rotary Drill, the MD6640 has been equipped with a new undercarriage and includes numerous features and systems that reward operators with increased productivity and longevity.
Highlights include:
Undercarriage The New Cat® 390 Excavator style undercarriage now comes standard and helps minimize downtime, reduce customers' owning and operating costs. The new undercarriage addressed issues such as tramming limitations, turnability and track tensioning.
Mainframe Structural design is where the field-proven MD6640 excels. Fifteen thousand hours of finite element analysis and 4,000 hours of strain gauge testing were used to evaluate the structural integrity of the mainframe, side frames and mast. After a decade in the field, it's clear the design of the MD6640 reduces maintenance, even in the harshest mining environments.
Mast The use of square tubular members in the mast also has a distinct advantage in strength-to-weight ratios over angle iron. Comparing size-for- size at the same weight per foot, square tubular members have twice the bending strength of angle iron and have a definite advantage in their resistance to buckling.
Rack and Pinion System This provides constant pressure at the drill bit. Our company was the first to pioneer the rack and pinion design in 1952 and further refined it on the MD6640. The proven design of Caterpillar' mast machinery integrates the pulldown and rotary drive into one system, eliminating the higher maintenance associated with chain or cable systems.
Introduced in 1986, the MD6640 remains ahead as a market-leading and highly productive machine that drills holes from 9.625" in to 16" (244mm - 406 mm) diameter. It can Angle Hole Drill to 25 Degrees and has a maximum bit load of 141,000 lbs (63,975 kg)……and a maximum working weight of 340,000 lbs (154,224 kg).

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