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Boosting Productivity Underground: CatŪ Variable Frequency Drive Steps up Speed and Torque Control in Longwall Systems

The new CatŪ VFD-A800/W800

The new CatŪ VFD-A800/W800 Variable Frequency Drive for longwall systems is designed to work in conjunction with Cat UEL and Cat CST gearboxes to deliver variable speed of the armored face conveyor, very accurate load sharing between gearboxes, and better efficiency when operating in weak power networks. The advanced technology medium-voltage drive controls torque and speed to optimize longwall productivity, reduces wear and breakage of armored face conveyor (AFC) components and makes most efficient use of electrical power.
The VFD delivers optimum start-ups, helps avoid overload stopping and fine tunes AFC speed to match the rate of production. At the same time, the system increases equipment life by minimizing stress on drives and chains. Also, the system optimizes power usage and even returns energy into the system when motors are used to brake drives.
Substantial changes to the load on the AFC as well as blockages always present the danger of chain breakage, and such events certainly cause chain stretching. The Cat VFD system monitors and shares the load between gearboxes with nearly 100 percent effectiveness to reduce stress on AFC chains and on plow chains. Extending chain life also reduces the need for chain tensioning.
Read the full press release to discover how the Variable Frequency Drive enables new efficiencies and adds a superior level of control.

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