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The best fuel economy portable air compressor in it's class the XAT 197 is here in India!

The best fuel economy portable air compressor in it's class – the XAT 197 is here in India!

Bangalore, December 12-16, 2017:The XAT 197 with a 417 CFM @ 150 PSI is the smallest size compressor in this market segment with high power to weight ratio.  With these features, the XAT197 is a value for money compressor with the best fuel economy when compared to other compressors in its class.

With the highest market share, we believe in consistently upgrading our product portfolio keeping in mind the product gaps. Since early 2013, our studies showed that customers were facing a big cavity in terms of product offerings in the 450 CFM @ 150 PSI class of compressors in the mining segment.Today we have the XAT197 which is really a BIG SURPRISE IN A SMALL PACKAGE with the optimum CFM and pressure combination for this segment.

Powerful engines
The high performance in mines and quarries is ensured with the rugged, turbo charged, liquid cooled, 4 cylinder AshokLeyland engine.

Drilling in heavy duty environments
Our highlyreliable compressorsare specially designed to operate surface drilling equipment in DSI, surface mining and aggregate quarries.

Sturdy canopy
Considerable attention has been paid to the canopy design of the XAT197 compressor with a unique gull wing design which provides easy and full accessto the service area of the machine. Additionally, the gull wing doors of the compressor when open, occupy minimal space which ensures compactness on mine ramps.

Economic power consumption
Low power consumption is assured by the fully automaticstep-less speed regulator that adapts engine speed to air demand.

High fuel efficiency
The powerful combination of the highly efficient screw element and the powerful diesel engine ensures less consumption of fuel.

Compact and Light weight
The XAT197 compressor is designed combining light weight with small dimensions, making it easy to manoeuver on site.

Best in class Turning Radius
The robust design with a small turning radius gives high stability while transporting the compressor over tough gradients and slopes.

With our commitment to sustainable productivity, we aim to serve customers with the right mix of products and be a complete solution provider.

For further information please contact:
Sheetal Gore, Marketing Communications Manager
+91 9561091708 

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