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Living the dream….Make in India!


Bangalore, December 12-16, 2017:Atlas Copco is a leading globalmanufacturer of construction and power equipment. Atlas Copco is the leading provider of air, flow and power solutions which develops and manufactures world class portable air compressors, waterwell compressors and light towers for portable power.

Atlas Copco also offers you a complete range of compaction equipment, from rammers, forward plates, forward and reversible plates to the heavier double drum rollers and trench compactors. Tools that makes your concrete strong, all the way through with Concrete Vibration Equipment and our Concrete Surface Equipment is also part of the Atlas Copco power equipment portfolio.

Further the Pionjar model serves as a petrol driven breaker and drill for military, defence and disaster management in India even in the remotest of areas while the RTEX breakers are very popular with the municipal bodies for pavement breaking and other small breaking jobs.

Our service quotient is highly trusted with preventive maintenance and on site breakdown resolution even in remote locations is an expectation which we fulfil anytime, everywhere.
We sense that we are moving from a manufacturing society to a service based, information centered society, and increases in technology will continue to impact market trends. The service division is focused on digitalization to enable fleet tracking, monitoring on real time basis with precise monitoring and proactive maintenance which will bring in major improvements in inventory management and performance tracking.

As we stand at the threshold of a new era, we will continue to educate the market through timely and relevant demos where the customer experiences our SOLUTIONS first hand rather than just our products and therefore accepts technological advancements and embraces the paradigm shift in the true sense.

“Make in India”….This is how Atlas Copco makes it possible:

• Products with the most advanced technology are manufactured in our state of the art facility in
   Chakan, Pune.
• Digitalisation is the focus with Fleet Link and latest dealer management software to ensure
   maximum equipment uptime.
• Innovation with responsibility.
• Commitment to sustainable, profitable growth will ensure efficient use of resources.

New localised products such as the XRX1350, XAVS550, XRHS650 and the HiLight V5+ light tower contribute to India’s “MAKE IN INDIA” dream.

For further information please contact:
Sheetal Gore, Marketing Communications Manager
+91 9561091708

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