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Ergonomically advanced mobile solutions are now in your hands

Chicago Pneumatic Tool factsheet:

• Worldwide pneumatic chippers were first manufactured under the brand Chicago Pneumatic
• Chicago Pneumatic tools were used to build these well-known structures:
– Empire state building
– Golden gate bridge
– First trans-American highway

Why is ergonomics so important?
Exposure of workers to the risks arising from hand-arm vibration are very hazardous to health.

Ergonomic advanced features from Chicago Pneumatic:
1. Vibration reducing handles
– Reduces vibrations transmitted from the breaker to the operator
2. Mufflers
– All muffled versions comply to the latest European and Indian noise emission norms

Chicago Pneumatic offers a complete range of Pneumatic Hand held tools such as scabblers, chippers, breakers, tampers, riveters, jack hammers, dewatering pumps, sludge pumps and much more.

Scabblers such as CP 0006 ensure:
– cleaning up and roughening old concrete surfaces
– keying the surface of construction joints
– removing weaker surface layers where extreme bearing strength is required
– creating ornamental and contrasting finishes on concrete surfaces

Chicago Pneumatic also offers several options in Hydraulic handheld equipment:

• Hydraulic powerpacks such as the CP PACD 10 are compact, portable and powerful ensuring
   hydraulic power anywhere.
• CP Hydraulic Cut-off Saws and CP Hydraulic Core Drills
• CP Hydraulic Submersible pumps, pump directly from any flooded excavation or cellar dirty
   water containing small stones or solids.

With the full line of powerful hydraulic handheld and pneumatic handheld equipment, from lightweight to heavy duty models, Chicago Pneumatic offers customers a wide range of technologically superior options with the power of RED.

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