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Atlas Copco fires a double barreled shot to double the power of your compressor!


Bangalore, December 12-16, 2017:The equipment industry is in constant evolution where there is not just product innovation but also application innovation. New technology also creates new opportunities and improved ways of using equipment.
In the portable energy business, Atlas Copco develops, manufactures and markets a range of world class compressors with advanced technology.

• XRX 1350 compact, dual pressure compressor
• XRHS 650 breakthrough technology for shallow water drilling

The most compact, lightweight, dual pressure waterwell compressor…….XRX 1350offersunmatched features to double the productivity of your equipment.

• Dual pressure range 365 - 425 psi
• Better fuel efficiency
• Faster and deeper drilling
• Drilling even at ambient temperature upto 50oC
• Versatility of operation and applications
• Smaller footprint

Better Penetration Rate:
The pressure we commit is the pressure which will be delivered! Pressure for Atlas Copco means productivity. With a pressure range of 365 and 425 psi, the XRX1350 delivers the highest pressure achieved by any compressor in its class.

Best LAT in its class:
This compressor is specifically designed to operate at 52 degree latent ambient temperature (LAT) in all kinds of weather with its closed door operation.

Low fuel consumption:
The powerful combination of high powered engine and efficient asymmetrical screw results in low fuel consumption.

Good Serviceability:
All serviceable parts such as air cleaners, air filters, oil filters are located on one side of the canopy thereby ensuring easy serviceability.

XRHS650is the newest addition to LP range / medium air range for shallow water well drilling with features such as:

• Better fuel economy over drilling rate
• Less load on the engine due to two stage element design
• Dual Pressure selection option
• 38% smaller foot print in the segment with smaller truck
• 36% lighter than other compressors in its class
• 20% faster & Deeper drilling with small footprint

Atlas Copco is the only manufacturer to provide 300 psi in this small foot print class, with the option of dual pressure with higher flow.
Indeed, an ideal upgrade for the customer who would want the dual benefit of higher pressure and higher flow in the shallow water well drilling segment.

For further information please contact:
Sheetal Gore, Marketing Communications Manager
+91 9561091708

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