All India Rig Owners Welfare Association (AIROWA) is a NGO having its regd. Office at Jaipur, Rajasthan, formed by the industry personnel to cope up with the negatives of an unhealthy competition within the Rig owners & promote healthy competition i.e. by brining in the area wise rate stabilization within the Rig owners, Technology enhancements, adoption of latest technologies & equipments, labour welfare, advocate & promote the awareness / implication of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) amongst the Rig Owners & their employees etc.

The need for forming an AIROWA was first suggested by Mr. N. Gunasekaran – Chairman, Sony Rigs and now President of AIROWA,  in his interview to Drilling Today magazine some 15 years ago, considering the unorganised business pattern of the Borewell Drilling industry in India. Mr. N. Gunasekaran said “Today the potential of Drilling industry in India is high & the demand for drilling borewells is not restricted for water well drilling only, the demand for drilling is expected to increase in Public & private Infrastructure sector, drilling for environment, Geothermal Drilling etc. due to higher economic growth & govt. policies. Due to the increase in demand for drilling industry the no. of rig owners have increased in all the states and as such, to survive in the cut throat competition  the rig owners are incurring the losses by reducing their rates.”


The 1st meet of AIROWA was organized at Hotel Cheelgadi, Jaipur, Rajasthan, by the Drilling rig owners from different states i.e. Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Hyderabad etc.
The Core Members of AIROWA were appointed from within the Drilling Rig owners from different states, that were present at the 1st meeting.
The 2nd meet of AIROWA was held at Saffrony Holiday Resort, Mehsana, Gujarat, in association with Laxmi Mud Pump & Tubewells  Industries, Mehsana, Gujarat.

Members of AIROWA

Mr. Rahul A. Patel, Managing Director – Laxmi Mud Pumps & Tubewells Pvt. Ltd, also one of the Core Members of AIROWA who had organized the complete event said that “The 2nd Meet of AIROWA was convened with Ganesh Stuti, as lord Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles and embodiment of three virtues Wisdom, Spirituality and prosperity followed by the national anthem to instill the spirit of Unity In Diversity. The 2nd meet of AIROWA was a grand success, with the presence of Borewell Rig owners & manufacturers of drilling rig & equipments etc. from all over Gujarat, members from Chennai Rig Owners association, Karnataka Rig Owners association, Thiruchengode Rig Owners Association, Rajasthan Rig Owners Association, along with industry experts / Rig Owners / manufacturers from Tamil Nadu – Mr. K. Nagarajan. MD - APL RIGS, Maharashtra – Mr. Yash D Shah Borewells International, Mumbai and from Uttar Pradesh Mr. Satyam Singh Kanaujia, Sonam Sales Corporation were present in the meeting. Save Environment being one of the prime objectives of AIROWA, after the National anthem, all the core members planted a tree symbolizing the commitment to promote forestry, as trees contribute to their environment by providing climate amelioration, conserving water and preserving soil”

In the 2nd meet of AIROWA, the problems faced by the Rig Owners, Drilling equipment manufacturers & suppliers of Gujarat and other states were discussed and the suggestions were shared to promote healthy competition within the Rig owners, the benefits of GST registration via Input Tax credit on materials, equipments etc. were explained by  Mr. Subhash Gadhvi. of Durga Tractors, Kalol, Gujarat.

Mr. Cibiraj G., Sony Rigs & Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd., Tamil Nadu, is MBA with Masters in International Business (MIB) very well explained the Rig owners present in the meeting about the potential of Indian drilling industry & drilling equipments in the international market & also the benefits of Purchasing the quality products of international standard with GST from the Indian manufacturers and the drawbacks of cheap products without GST which would only increase their input cost for drilling as the cheap products don't have a long life.

Mr. Vinodbhai J Rayani, President and Mr. Praful Ramjibhai Dodiya, Vice President – Borewell Association of Gujarat, addressed the rig owners present at the meeting to create the healthy competition by increasing the drilling rates to cope up with the inflating Diesel rates, for labour welfare, and use good quality drilling equipments to increase the productivity. He also urged the rig owners to take the benefits of GST registration.

Mr. John Vincent, and Mr. Ebenezer from – Chennai Rig Owners Association (CROA), explained the importance & need for the AIROWA to the Rig Owners / Manufacturers / Suppliers present at the meeting for the benefits of drilling industry and explained them how the CROA helps the Rig owners with the benefits of being united together, by providing its member rig owners with the Drilling equipments & accessories, Fuel etc. at the discounted rates which help the rig owners reduce the input costs & increase the profit margin in drilling. They also highlighted the need for Healthy competition in drilling industry which is imperative for the survival of the Drilling industry.

At the end of the meeting the core members of the AIROWA addressed to the press conference the objectives of AIROWA for the benefits of the All India Rig owners and their initiatives for the Save Environment & Farmer's welfare by making the farmers aware of the benefits of Rain Water Harvesting  and giving back the precious water back to mother earth to maintain the equilibrium of the nature & Environment.