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Atlas Copco India

Atlas Copco Launches DrillAir X28 Compressor for Geothermal Drilling

Atlas Copco is expanding its DrillAir range with a new compressor designed to meet the demands of the geothermal drilling industry. The DrillAirX28 provides improved versatility and drilling speed in addition to a new engine, enabling users to drill two 200 meter holes in a single day at 30 bar of pressure.


The X28 has a nominal flow of 28.3m3/min, but crucially has a pressure rating of 30 bar. As the X28 is designed for geothermal drilling where back pressure is typically higher than in water well drilling, the additional five bar of pressure helps to overcome this while giving enough flow to drive the hammer. The DrillAir X28 comes with Dynamic Flow Boost as standard, providing additional air when the compressor is working at lower pressures. This results in users being provided with 30 m3/min at 25 bar, 31.6 m3/min at 21 bar and a maximum flow of 33 m3/min at 16 bar, which leads to faster drilling completion rates.

“Our DrillAir compressor range is designed to cover a multitude of drilling applications, while helping our customers achieve the maximum air flow at any pressure setting,” says Dmitry Karablinov, Product Marketing Manager, Atlas Copco Portable Energy. “The X28 is designed to balance the relationship between pressure and flow and for the compressor to find the right combination for the application. By equipping the compressor with DrillAirXpert technology, users can accurately set the air output based on their drilling requirements, helping to reduce fuel dependency.”

The DrillAirXpert performance management system is fully electronic, increasing precision and reliability. The system is freeze-resistant, ensuring it can be deployed in the harshest of environments. The compressor features a 13 litre Scania engine, compliant with stage IV emissions standards. With a large fuel tank and a focus on efficiency, the compressor is capable of running multiple shifts before refuelling.

Atlas Copco is developing a full range of compressors, designed specifically to cover a multitude of drilling applications. The DrillAir range is built around the principles of pressure and flow with a design ethos that focuses on the relationship between these two variables. By using a combination of these two variables, the DrillAir range helps users achieve the maximum air flow at any pressure setting.
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