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Schlumberger Expands Portfolio of High-Temperature Reservoir Characterization Services

PressureXpress-HT and MDT Forte-HT Deliver Fast Accurate Pressure and Mobility Measurements

Schlumberger today announced the availability of its new PressureXpress-HT* reservoir pressure service and MDT Forte-HT* qualified, rugged, high-temperature formation sampling and pressure system. These two services are the latest high-temperature additions to the Schlumberger reservoir characterization portfolio of services.

“Providing a full suite of high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) evaluation tools is a major engineering focus within Schlumberger. These two tool systems expand our capabilities to deliver reliable downhole fluid analysis, fluid sampling, pressure measurement and interval pressure transient testing,” said Catherine MacGregor, president, Schlumberger Wireline. “Our rigorous qualification process includes shock, vibration, temperature and pressure cycling to ensure reliable tool operations at the maximum tool ratings.”

Rated to 450 degF (232 degC) the PressureXpress-HT tool provides accurate pressure gradients and overall data quality not achievable by conventional high-temperature formation tester tools. The unique dynamically controlled pressure pretest system in the PressureXpress-HT tool enables precise control of volume and drawdown rates. This now makes pressure testing possible in tight formations common in HPHT reservoirs. The tool design also eliminates the need for gauge temperature stabilization, thus significantly improving overall operational efficiency. 

In field testing in Thailand and the North Sea, the enhanced pretest system of the PressureXpress-HT tool enabled successful pressure measurements at multiple depths to produce profiles of pressure versus depth and establish accurate reservoir pressure gradients to determine fluid contacts.

MDT Forte-HT
The new MDT Forte-HT system has been designed to provide greater all-around robustness in formation sampling and testing operations up to 400 degF (204 degC). The core of the new MDT Forte-HT platform is a redesigned electronics system, incorporating surface-mounted components on a ruggedized chassis that protects sensitive electronics when operating in harsh high-shock and high-temperature logging conditions.

The MDT Forte-HT also has a new-generation HPHT quartz gauge, high-performance packers for the dual-packer module and advanced sealing technology; all are rated to 400 degF (204 degC). This system includes a high-temperature Quicksilver Probe* focused fluid extraction tool that provides near contamination-free fluid samples, which are critical to evaluate gas condensate reservoirs often found at high temperatures. The result is a qualified system that performs reliably and efficiently to minimize risk in even the most challenging operations—remote exploration, deepwater regions, drillpipe conveyance and harsh environments.

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