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Quality DTH Rockdrills


In 1999 Mincon introduced the first of its premium performance DTH Hammers. Since then the range has expanded to include 3” through 12” Hammers and a range of premium performance DTH Drill Bits for all applications. The Mincon range of DTH Hammers and DTH Drill Bits covers a number of popular shanks readily available on the market.

In addition the range covers Mincon Heavy Duty Shanked Hammers and the new MC range. The MC Range of valveless hammers, introduced in 2008 has the advantage of using drill bits without a foot valve (blow tube).

Mincon DTH Hammers are available for a range of different drilling applications such as Water Well, Geothermal, Geotechnical, Blast Hole, Mineral Exploration, Civil Construction, Seismic, Dimensional Stone, Directional, Oil & Gas and Mining.

DTH Drill Bits can be ordered to suit any specific configuration. This allows the user to configure the bit with their preference for shank, head design, carbide shape and grade. Additional features such as wear pads and backreaming carbides can be added on request. 

The Manufacturing of DTH Hammers and DTH Drill Bits is carried out under strict controls at our state of the art manufacturing plants in Ireland, Australia and the USA. With the highest quality standards being employed and a climate of continuous improvement the end user of our products is always assured of the highest quality tools for their job.

For those of you just getting to know us, we welcome you and hope you will come to understand why we are recognized globally as "Leaders in Rock Drilling Technology".

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