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Economic Water Management System in Present Environmental Condition

As per present environmental condition, the surface water is being contaminated due to chemical pollution. In order to overcome surface water pollution cement sealing is needed after borehole logging and further purification is needed by R.O. System Membrane Technology. Major pollution have been occurred due to Automobile, Coal based industries and Atomic Power Station. In this situation, renewable energy can be utilized to avoid major pollution. In order to reduce pollution economic resources, renewable energy, and water management can be produced from wind power, solar system and hydro electricity instead of atomic energy and coal industries which makes pollution and spoil environmental condition. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned 30% of current produce from renewable energy (wind & solar) for which wind mill & solar system are being adopted to overcome pollution, ozone layer have been disturbed and cannot repair immediately and it will take time, but surrounding pollution can be rectified by planting quick growth trees which will absorb Carbon dioxide and make green revolution. If earth heating is less, agriculture development can be increased. It earth heating is more, agriculture development will be totally damaged.
Economic Resources of Renewable Energy and Water Management:
To establish wind mill, wind speed and velocity has to be calculated, accordingly windmill wings can be designed. Wherever sunlight available the solar system can be deployed, wherever water resource available, hydro electricity can be established. Now a day it is not possible due to insufficient rain falls in mountain area. So wind energy and solar energy are needed to improve the environmental situation.

In mountain area, step irrigation can be cultivated in order to inject the water without waste. Apart from all check dam & percolation bonds can be constructed at bottom of the mountain in order to storage of water due to which adjoined well water level will increase. Tea, coffee & coco plantation in mountain need no storage water due to slope area. The waste water will come at the bottom of the mountain, where rice, sugarcane and other vegetables can be cultivated where the plants are needed much water to grow. After that, the catchment can be done by construction of dams and percolation bond due to which the adjoin area grown water level will increase. At last, Coconut trees & Social forest can be planted in order to avoid Tsunami effect & soil erosion. Thus, the waste water will not go into sea. The economic water management is important in this critical situation of water scarcity. 

Water Management System in Present Environmental Condition:
(Refer Figure – I)

1.  Rice and Sugarcane plantation needs more water.
2.  Tea, Coffee and Coco plantation are not needed more water and stagnant water will spoil the
     Plantation and Sprinkler Irrigation is needed.
3.  Step Irrigation are not needed more water.
4.  By construction of check dam percolation bond the Ground Water Level will increases. 
5.  Soil erosion can be avoided by putting coconut trees and growth social forest in sea shore and
     that is why tsunami will not effect in this area. 
6.  Wind mill can be established if wind speed and velocity is more from sea and mountain. 
7. Hydroelectricity may be Established at bottom of the mountain where stream of Water available. 


As far as Assam and Kerala is concern the water resources are more and land consist of mountain where the Rain Water suddenly dropped into sea without utilization of Water in right way.  Therefore, economic water management is required in this situation. Drip and Sprinkler irrigation system can be adopted to preserve / conserve the Water and   natural resources can be utilized in right way without spoiling environmental condition.
In mountain Area, surface water will be feasible for drinking water. If go deep, salinity will come from Sea. If necessary, cement sealing can be done wherever salinity comes, after logging of bore hole or tube well.
Drip irrigation can be adopted wherever acute water shortage problem.
“Save Water, Save Energy & Save environment”


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