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Middle Eastern Quarry Operator, Stevin Rock, Making Significant Operations Improvements Through Immersive Technologiesí Simulation Based Training Solution

The first simulation based operator training centre in the United Arab Emirates has achieved significant improvements less than a year after implementation. Stevin Rock, one of the largest mining groups in the world, has made improvements in safety, maintenance and productivity through Immersive Technologies’ simulation training.


Training is underway at Stevin Rock’s simulation training centre. The company has already seen improvements in safety, maintenance and productivity through Immersive Technologies’ simulation training.

With access to 17 billion tonnes of surveyed reserves, Stevin Rock faces a huge shortage in the availability of a skilled workforce. The company favours South East Asian workers but has found that structured professional training is not common in India. Stevin Rock aimed to implement a solid training procedure and format for its future prosperity and continual presence as the market leader in the region. After learning about the full training solution and support from Immersive Technologies, Stevin Rock invested in multiple simulators and equipment modules to support their training efforts. As part of the implementation Training Consultants from Immersive Technologies delivered Training Systems Integration (TSI) including the development of site specific training syllabus, curriculum and lesson plans.

The training solution, which included simulators, Training Consultant Services, eLearning, Instructor Led Training and other training tools from Immersive, was integrated into the existing site training program and provided comprehensive support during initial new technology implementation phase.

“The way Stevin Rock welcomed and embraced the technology allowed them to fast track capital Return on Investment and achieve consistent training outcomes. Anytime new technology is brought to sites there is a risk of how well it will be adopted but their training program is now very structured and their adoption of our best practice integration has mitigated that risk,” says Lucas Natoli, Account Development Manager, Immersive Technologies.

Group HSEQ Manager Darren Guy says “Stevin Rock has seen reductions in all accident types involving mobile plant. Poor operation of machinery has been vastly reduced and this has resulted in greater availability, less downtime and parts cost. Other benefits have included greater safety awareness of operators and improved communication with all departments. The flow of data to and from the training team has allowed us to fine tune the simulators and focus on key issues, giving continual improvement in all areas. The flexibility of the system has allowed us to achieve consistency in the training of green operators; being able to give full in depth training on all aspects, and more experienced operators; where specific ‘bad habits’ can be identified and tackled quickly and efficiently.”

Stevin Rock has been the leading quarry operator in the Middle East for more than 35 years with the capacity to produce and sell more than 45 million tonnes per year of high-grade limestone, gabbro rock, concrete and asphalt aggregates for the construction and manufacturing markets of the UAE, Gulf region and Asia.

They own and operate three quarries in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah – Khor Khuwair, Al Ghail and Kadra – containing 7 billion tonnes of surveyed reserves. At current maximum output, they will be able to deliver for well over 150 years.

“Stevin Rock has a prolific future and we are proud this training solution will provide them with the skilled labour needed to deliver well into the future,” Natoli says.

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