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ADM - Engineering, Manufacturing and Maintenance Solutions for Mining Machinery


Four post ROPS with integrated level two post FOPS fitted to Kobelco SK235 zero swing excavator by ADM.
AD McCallum and Son (ADM) is a proudly Australian owned and based three-generation family company specialising in general and precision engineering and manufacturing solutions for the mining and engineering industry, having almost 60 years experience in the following:

Roll over protective structures (ROPS)

ADM designs and manufactures fully certified two-post and four-post ROPS for all mining, earthmoving, large and small vehicles, agricultural and general machinery. Each ROPS is designed, manufactured and certified to ISO: 12117-2, ISO: 3471 or MDG accreditation, meeting required safety regulations.
ADM also conducts in-house destructive testing on ROPS, ensuring all structures supplied will meet ISO or MDG standards.
Integrated cabin and air-conditioning can be incorporated into many types of ROPS structures manufactured by ADM.

Falling object protective structures (FOPS)

Depending on individual requirements, ADM manufactures FOPS for two-post or four-post ROPS canopies on all types of machinery. ADM FOPS are particularly well-suited for mining operations due to their versatility.
All FOPS designed and manufactured by ADM meet safety regulations and ISO: 10262, ISO: 3449 or MDG Standards. Certification is based on the company's in-house destructive testing system.

Machine protection

ADM designs window screen protection for front and back windows, operator protection guards (OPGs), forward sweeps, cabin vandal covers and belly guards all individually designed and manufactured for each client's requirements.

Access stairs and ladders, walkways, platforms and handrails

Soilmec SR-50 drill rig before spray painting.

ADM designs, manufactures and installs hydraulic and pneumatic access stairs, electric / hydraulic folding access ladders, access steps, walkways, platforms and handrails custom built for all mining machinery, either in-house or onsite. ADM is dedicated to advancing the future of mining technology at its source.

Service vehicle options

ADM custom builds specialised fitments of toolboxes for mining and general service vehicles, priding themselves on their ability to provide answers to intricate and challenging demands. Essential durable fittings are incorporated into each design, including fire extinguisher brackets, hinges and locks ensuring that ADM is a 'one stop shop' for all vehicle needs.
ADM manufactures sliding tool box draws, lockable cabinets, shelving, heavy and light-duty vehicle trays fabricated from aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel made according to customer and safety requirements.
ADM also fabricates and supplies additional water, fuel and diesel tanks for each vehicle or machine individual requirements.
ADM uses only Australian-certified steel preferring to source superior products thereby maintaining high standards from start to finish.

Dump truck bodies

ADM designs and installs heavy-duty dump truck body liners and tail gates on mining equipment to all relevant codes, practices and safety requirements.

Crane manufacture, repair and maintenance

ADM has had in excess of 50 years experience in the crane industry and can provide virtually any service or solution required. General manufacture and supply services include tower crane grillages, starter stools and crane ties for multi-storey construction sites and complete boom sets for all types and models of cranes. ADM technicians conduct repairs on all types of cranes including:
• Full boom sets
• High tensile box booms
• Lattice type booms
• Outrigger manufacture
• Fly jibs
• Hydraulics
• Electrics
• Structural and non-structural repairs
• Welding repairs to mobile cranes

ADM carries out weld repairs to all other types of structures, machinery and equipment related to the mining, engineering and crane industry.
The company provides inspection services including ten and 25-year crane, ten-year access equipment and six-year concrete boom major inspections, all to Australian standards and safety requirements.

Accident damage repair work

ADM is able to carry out repair work on accident damaged machinery, all welding work is NDT tested, conducted by NATA-approved company prior to release back to the work environment enabling the machine to perform as originally designed and manufactured.

Sand blasting and spray painting services

Industrial spray painting services are required in order to maintain the upkeep of heavy machinery and standards in mining operations, excavators, earth moving equipment and commercial machinery. ADM specialises in abrasive sand blasting using both wet and dry applications on all types of steel work, machinery and structures to remove rust or worn paint prior to painting.
With its mobile sand blasting unit, ADM is able to conduct sand blasting on site to accommodate clients' needs.
After sand blasting, ADM spray paints using either air dry enamel or two pack epoxy to bring machinery back to its original condition ensuring all items leave the workshop looking brand new.
The designated areas within ADM's premises for sand blasting and painting ensures that applications are not interfered with by outside influences.

One thousand tonne press

ADM has a 1,000t press which is used for pressing large diameter shafts in and out of housings and impellers.

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