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Case Study: Reduce Casing Costs by Optimizing Drilling

Operation Support Center drilling optimization saves Helis more than USD 1.7 million on Gulf of Mexico well

Avoid difficult and costly slimhole completion in a hazardous pore pressure environment.

Extend and eliminate preplanned casing strings using Operation Support Center to optimize drilling and manage wellbore pressure.

Reached TD with 7-in liner. Avoided difficult slimhole completion. Saved more than USD 1.7 million.

Simplify completion
Engineers at Helis Oil and Gas Co., LLC, were concerned about wellbore pressure management in a complex well they planned to drill in the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, the original plan for the well—OCS-G 2877 #1 ST00 BP00 in Vermillion Block 338. called for a slimhole completion with 5-in and 7 5/8-in liners below the 9 5/8-in intermediate casing string. The engineers wanted to avoid the cost and difficulty associated with this slimhole completion.

Drill confidently
Drilling optimization from the Schlumberger Operation Support Center in Houston enabled them to achieve that goal. The key to success was continuous communication, via satellite, between the rig and the Operation Support Center team, and use of the PERFORM Performance Through Risk Management Process to manage wellbore pressure.

Combining StethoScope formation pressure-while-drilling and sonicVISION sonic-while-drilling measurements in real time reduced the cone of uncertainty in the lookahead geopressure model—allowing the operator to drill confidently in the very tight mud envelope. The StethoScope and sonicVISION measurements were transmitted to the surface, together with measurements from an arcVISION Array Resistivity Compensated tool, by the TeleScope* high-speed telemetry while-drilling service.

Reduce casing costs
Drilling optimization by the Operation Support Center team allowed the 9 5/8-in intermediate casing to be extended 1,287 ft deeper than planned, so TD could be reached with a 7-in liner. By eliminating the 7 5/8-in and 5-in liners, Helis not only avoided the difficulties associated with slimhole drilling and completion, but also reduced casing costs—saving more than USD 1.7 million.

The Operation Support Center created an ideal environment for collaboration to optimize drilling and well placement, increase safety, and reduce risk. It provided real-time monitoring of drilling data, an efficient workspace for team members, and remote operations management.

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