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Mining Plus - Mining Services

Mining Plus provides integrated, innovative and financially viable mining solutions that result in optimum project outcomes to match your business needs. From mine concept to design implementation, the Mining Plus team works closely with you to provide an extensive range of mining services while maintaining practicality.
Mining Plus provides integrated, innovative and financially viable mining solutions to match your business needs.

Underground and surface mine project management
Mining Plus is lead by two dynamic senior mine engineers with exceptional skill and knowledge of mining engineering. Their experience is gathered from practical hands-on experience in the industry.
A team of technical personnel support them, adding global experience in underground and surface mining.
Our work covers underground mining, open pit mining, civil and earth works, financials and budgets, project management and resource managing in all commodities. Commodities of experience include gold, nickel, lead and zinc, diamonds, uranium, copper, and iron ore.
Our staff apply their technical expertise and experience to develop all levels of mining studies.
Mining services
Mining Plus offers a complete range of mining services including:

  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Mine project evaluation
  • Mine design
  • Project planning, scheduling and management
  • Weekly, monthly and long-term mine plans
  • Budgets
  • Rock slope engineering
  • Formal risk assessment
  • Fleet production optimization
  • Production optimisation
  • Mine waste management
  • Drill and blast design and blasting optimisation
  • Staff and software training
  • Tailings dam
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mine closure

Mining studies
Mining Plus applies a combination of technical expertise and the experience gained through not only the development of all levels of mining studies but also through the practical application of them to provide our clients with more detailed, accurate and timely studies of any proposed mining project. All studies undertaken are scheduled and tailored to suit your requirements, so all relevant information is covered on time and in budget. We have experience in:

  • Scoping studies
  • Conceptual studies
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Feasibility studies

Mine management
Mining Plus has a number of experienced personnel who have experience in roles in mine management in operations in Australia. These include:

  • Statutory roles for underground manager and underground shift supervisors
  • Senior engineering positions
  • Alternative underground manager duties
  • Project management

This diverse technical and project management skill set is complemented by our application of the plan.
Mine planning
Mining Plus uses state-of-the-art mine design and scheduling software called Mine24D/EPS to produce accurate mine designs / plans and mine schedules. Mining Plus aims to create designs and schedules that can be easily transferred to the mine planners and short term schedulers. Mine planning is about getting as close as possible to the optimal solution. We believe this is best achieved by applying the most current and relevant information along with a number of practical scenarios to all designs.
Mining Plus prides itself on the schedules produced so there are minimum changes required when moving from early stage scheduling down to operational needs. This means long term schedules contain the relevant information to accommodate all recipients from the strategic planning down to the short term scheduler. Mining Plus has developed short term spreadsheet templates which have been specifically designed to convey the schedule information to mine operations. This system ensures that the short term and long term goals will be aligned.
Drill and blast
Mining Plus has been involved with some premier mining companies in Australia and our skilled teams have extensive experience in drill and blast. Mining Plus has worked on narrow vein to large SLC mining methods, from operation support in drill and blasting roles through to the integration of linking mine design data, from Mine24D Rings to PITRAM through to Mine Cave tracker developed by GijimaAST.
Mine ventilation planning
Mining Plus has experience in developing and designing mine ventilation models and plans to suit your requirements from the concept stage through to implementation. Our experienced mine ventilation engineers have not only held statutory roles in ventilation, but have also modeled and designed ventilation circuits in operational mines. Mining Plus uses their valuable knowledge to ensure all mine design ventilation systems are fit for purpose.
Contact Details
Mining Plus Pty Ltd
130 Fauntleroy Avenue
WA 6104
Contact: Ben Auld (managing director)
Tel: +61 419 119 363

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