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Hydraulic toolholder

Hydro-Grip HD
Sandvik Coromant said its new Hydro-Grip HD (Heavy Duty) line, an extension of the Hydro-Grip line, offers the highest clamping force available on the market and brings secure tooling performance to heavy roughing applications.

The toolholders deliver excellent torque transmission to improve the performance of solid carbide end mills, drills and reaming tools. Additionally, the Hydro-Grip HD line also contains dampening features that reduce vibrations during the machining process.

The toolholders securely clamp cylindrical shank tools with a symmetrical force to minimize tool runout and ensure high torque transmission. This performance is repeated over multiple clamping cycles to retain high-quality component surfaces and extend tool life, said the company. Each Hydro-Grip HD chuck is individually balanced to G2.5 to provide high-speed capability.

Based on a hydraulic tool clamping system, the system can be tightened quickly or released with a dedicated torque wrench, improving efficiency through quick and easy set-ups and changes. No external equipment is required to clamp or unclamp the system.

The Hydro-Grip family of toolholders offers secure tool clamping across many different applications, ranging from finishing to heavy roughing from a 0.236-in. to 1.26-in. bore diameter. The toolholders hold tolerances within microns to improve tool accuracy, component surfaces and productivity.

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