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Atlas Copco’s Smallest oil-injected screw compressor range delivers More

atlas copco
Driven by a future generation element and using the most advanced development techniques,Atlas Copco has redesigned its smallest oil-injected screw compressor range GA 5-11/GA 5-15 kW Variable Speed Drive (VSD).  By delivering more performance, more flexibility and more reliability, this new range sets a new industry standard in the 5 to 15 kW compressor range.  An 8% increase of air delivery, noise levels as low as 60dB(A), new VSD voltage variants, an extended operating range, a new Elektronikon® controller and an additional tank-mounted GA 15 VSD model, boost the possibilities of this new range.

This GA 5-15 (VSD) range is used in a variety of applications as general assembly and manufacturing and in a broad range of industries including, automotive, water treatment, air segmentation, construction and many others.

More Performance

Since energy costs account to up to 70% of the compressor’s lifecycle cost (LCC), it is Atlas Copco’s commitment to reduce this cost drastically with every new compressor generation.  Atlas Copco’s engineers have succeeded in lowering SER (Specific Energy Requirements) by up to 8% by integrating the new screw compressor element in an enhanced packaging.  At the same time, FAD (Free Air Delivery) is increased with up to 8%, resulting in remarkable savings on your annual electricity bill.

When the compressed air demand is fluctuating, the advanced control algorithms of Atlas Copco’s VSD (Variable Speed Drive) create average energy savings of 35%.  The entire GA 5-15 VSD range has been equipped with new saver cycles on both fan and dryer, increasing the average energy savings even further.

More Flexibility
Installation flexibility is characteristic for this GA 5-11/GA 5-15 VSD Premium-range. The GA Workplace Concept is reinforced with noise levels starting from 60 dB(A)*. This GA-range is the most silent in the complete Atlas Copco GA-portfolio, allowing for installation close to the point of use.  Installation cost is further minimized by extending the standard operating range to up to 46° Celcius, making a dedicated compressor room unnecessary.

More VSD models, including a tank-mounted GA 15 VSD and new standard Voltage 200/575 variants, reduce installation costs even more, extending the VSD offer towards our customers.
More Reliable
The newly developed element has been optimized and built to last.  Reliability is further increased by the improved belt-driven drive train, developed in accordance with the highest industry standards.

The introduction of the Elektronikon® in the GA 5-15 (VSD) allows for remote online monitoring through a simple ethernet connection.  This internet-based compressor visualization increases both reliability and efficiency by offering a great variety of control and monitoring features.  The Graphical controller (a standard feature for the VSD unit) even enables the control of up to 6 compressors. 

Reliability is finally improved by introducing a new integrated dryer range.  By guaranteeing excellence in air quality, downstream equipment is protected from corrosion; even in the most tropical conditions.


With the GA 5-11/GA 5-15 VSD range, Atlas Copco reinforces and extends its premium offer in the smaller kW range. Atlas Copco’s drive for innovation allows for continuous improvements, setting a standard in the field of oil-injected air.  Whether for small, medium or larger applications, your local Atlas Copco representative can help you find the compressor that fits your specific requirements.

* 60dB(A) is the level of a commercial washing machine
**Even the GA 15 VSD is tankmounted
***New voltage variants include 200/575V

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