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APL RIGS INDIA unveils DTH 660 Auto Loader Rig at RIG EXPO 2017


“APL RIGS delighted to showcase our new DTH 660 Auto Loader Rig for the first time at RIG EXPO 2017. Built with world-class manufacturing standards, with their designs and aggregates tested to withstand some of the toughest working conditions and we will shortly introduce our new Rigs in the market.” Technical specifications of DTH 660 are as follows...

Capacity                                                 6” to 10.5” borehole to a depth of 660 feet (196mtr.) with DTH.
Prime mover                                           Truck mounted Rig with power from truck engine.
Work Method                                         Rotation with direct circulation, nucleus destruction with bleeding by air,
                                                               water by DTH, rotary using drag bit/rock roller bit.
Mast                                                       Channel type structure
                                                               Max. Capacity-20 tons.
                                                               Height-27 feet (8mtr.)
                                                               Rod handling capacity-20 feet (6.1 mtr.)
Hydraulic System                                    Max operating pressure 3200 PSI (225 kgs./cm2)
Pull Up/Down Speed                               By means of Hydraulic cylinder and wire rope Reeving Ratio 1:3
                                                               Max. Pull up speed-198ft/min (60mtr./min.)
                                                               Max. Pull down speed -356ft/min. (107 mtr./min)
Pull Up/Down Force                                 Max. pull up force-25400 Ibs (11545 kgs.)
                                                                Max. Pull down force- 19050 Ibs (8650 kgs.)
Rotary Head                                             Rotary head powered by one hydraulic motor
                                                                Max. Torque – 465kg – mtr,Max.Speed – 0 to 150 RPM
Jacks                                                        Four hydraulic jacks, All are box type
Break out Wrench & Auto Spanner          To open the drill joints hydraulic break out wrench.
Wireless Remote                                     Radio Remote Controller (Wireless) Around 100 mtr Radius.
Optional Attachments                              Welding machine, Diesel fuelling pump, Hammer Gripper.
Compressors                                           Atlas Compressor 650/300 psi

3/218- T,O.G Auto Nagar, Karuveppampatti
Privu Road Sankari Main Road, Tiruchengode – 637304, Namakkal (DT).
E-mail : aplrigsindia@gmail.com, Web : www.aplrigs.com
Mobile : +9190951-46464, +9199651-76814, +9196294-46464



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