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Sandvik has taken the well-known DPi series surface top hammer drill rigs to a completely new level with notable upgrades to their productivity and economy. More productive than ever before means not only drilling with one of the most efficient top hammer drill rig in the world, but totally new way of thinking of drilling and related processes. New Sandvik digital technology opens up a whole range of opportunities to be more efficient, to really know how to control the whole drilling process.

High productivity
I-series torque control system together with efficient Sandvik stabilizer rock drills guarantees continuously high productivity and hole accuracy. Stabilized rock drills HF820T, HL1060T, HL1560T and RD1635CF give optimal drilling performance in any rock conditions by ensuring hole straightness, easy-to-open couplings and increased lifetime of drilling tools.

Sandvik tools for drilling process improvement
The Drillers Office software tool brings the drilling process to a completely new level. Importing a surface model to the program is the beginning. Planning and creating a drilling pattern is easy and fast. Wireless technology allows designs to be transferred to any site around the world.

One hole automatics, available as an option, gives full automatic drilling cycle behind one touch button. TIM3D ensures fast and accurate drilling navigation and improved drilling result with accuracy +/- 10cm / 4".
In addition, the drill rig comes with the latest high-tech options, such as the Driller's Notes. This is a completely new feature that collects drilling data like penetration rates and also allows the operator to add information, such as voids and cavities. Drilling data and operator notes are included in the quality report data. This data can be analyzed with Drillers office software.

Reduced oil and fuel consumption
To optimize its drilling performance the Pantera DP1100i is now available with a high frequency RD1635CF rock drill with Circulating Shank Lubrication System (CSL) that guarantees fast and efficient penetration. In CSL oil is circulated through filters and reused, rather than just collected.

"The new CSL system reduces shank lubrication oil consumption by up to 70 % compared to the old system, and increases significantly the life time of coupling sleeves", says Jarno Viitaniemi, Product Manager, Surface Boom Drills, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. "The drill rig has really been redesigned with economy in mind. It has also been enhanced with a new compressor control system that provides even better fuel efficiency".

The Pantera DPi surface top hammer drill rigs are intelligent, self-propelled, crawler based surface drill rigs which are designed to be used in quarrying, production drilling  as well as wall control and development works. The Pantera DPi drill rig family consists of two models: Pantera DP1100i for hole sizes of 89 – 140 mm and Pantera DP1500i for hole sizes of 102 –152 mm. Both are available with low fuel-consumption and low-emission Tier 3 and Tier 4 Final engines.


Pantera DP1100i

Pantera DP1500i

Hole Diameter

89 - 140 mm (3 ½" – 5 ½")

102 - 152 mm (4" - 6")

Rock Tools

51, 60, 87 mm
(2", 2 2/8", 3 ½ ") rods

51, 60, 87, 96 mm
(2", 2 3/8", 3 ½", 3 ¾") rods

Rock Drill:

HL1060T, 25 kW

HL1560T, 33 kW
RD1635CF, 35 kW (as option)

Engine Output

224 kW (Tier 3)
224 kW (Tier 4)

261 kW (Tier 3)
287 kW (Tier 4)

Flushing Air

11,1 m3/min, up to 10 bar

14 m3/min, up to 10 bar

Production Capacity

1,5 Mt/year

2,0 Mt/year

Total Weight

22 900 kg

23 000 kg

For more information, contact:
Anne Suonurmi
Product Marketing Manager, Surface Drilling and Exploration
Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology
tel: +358 40 517 0630
e-mail: anne.suonurmi@sandvik.com

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