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Growing with Opportunity
Growing with Opportunity...
Kores has been riding waves of opportunity. The ability to spot it and
to meet consumer needs across industries. They range from stationery, art materials, banking and office automation products.
customer demands worldwide our endeavour has always been to achieve Total Quality Services.
as an Indian enterprise with global vision has seen us transform into a truly International Organisation.


Kores (India) Limited was incorporated in 1936 inter-alia with the object to takeover the business of W. KORESKA then carried on in Calcutta and Mumbai mainly in the field of stationery products.

In 1956, the late Mr. K.L. Thirani acquired majority share holding and took over the management of Kores (India) Limited. Since then, it has grown rapidly and diversified into several fields.

The driving force behind the KORES of today is a dream. The dream of Shri Krishnalal Thirani. He dreamt of India as a country developing innovative technologies to substitute imports. In realisation of his dream, KORES has grown to be the leader of the trade.

KORES has the seal of excellence and reliability and above all the trust of our customers. The deep rooted 'trust' of customers is earned through the high quality products and consistent service provided by dedicated employees.


Kores India Limited since incorporation has been growing steadily in business while gaining deep rooted confidence of customers reinforced with trust factor. Year ending March 2007 we would be closing at a business value of more than INR 700 Crores. In the past 4 to 5 years there has been an accelerated pace of growth and plans are being executed to cross a business value of INR 1,000 Crores by year 2008.

Social Responsibilities

Kores India Limited has identified 'Education' and 'Health' as the areas to concentrate on social cause and have been providing support for running schools and primary health centers in rural areas.

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