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To our Patrons in the drilling industry, It is once again my pleasure to invite you to take advantage of the many opportunities which continue to increase and improve through the efforts of the Drilling Today Family, who is at the forefront in the drilling industry taking your message to the end user worldwide.

We know your time is very valuable, your money must be stretched to the limit each year, and your results must be the best possible. Each member of the Drilling Today Family is dedicated to make that happen for you. It doesn't matter whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, supplier, or whether you sell new or used Machinery; provide a service to our industry; we, at Drilling Today will work diligently to assist you in promoting your business. Our motto, is to provide you the best services in the entire industry and our team is always happy to help.

We will promice you will get best services when you contact the Drilling Today office or see us anywhere in the world.You know Drilling Today is a very only one who covering all aspects of the entire drilling. Have you noticed the many changes Drilling Today has undergone over the past years?Heading into our Ninth year we are proud to say we have grown from 8 pages to 40.Please take a moment to review our Drilling Today 2009 Media Kit.We have tried to hold our rates as reasonable as possible and still be able to provide the service to our industry it has come to expect from the Drilling Today Family. We hope you appreciate it.On behalf of all of us at Drilling Today Family Best personal regards

Manish Bhardwaj
Drilling Today

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