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We Want a Well Drilled. How Do We Get Started?


First things first...

Give us a call TOLL FREE 1 866-478-6937 to set-up an appointment

We will accommodate your schedule and come to your location, assess the site for accessibility and safety for equipment & crew.

What if my site is not ready?

Should your site require preparation we can provide contact information for reputable contractors with excavating equipment that we work with on a regular basis.

What will a water well cost me?

We will provide you with a free estimate prior to the work, based on average wells in your area

Where should we put the well?

We will pick the best spot for your well.  Our knowledgeable staff will measure distance from septic & septic tank (100 FT minimum) from septic field & (50 FT from septic tank) and/or neighbouring septic - this is free of charge

What If I want to get someone with a water diviner prior to drilling?

We can provide you with contact information for well location divining

Do I need to get Permits?

Each municipality has its own regulations; we need to find out their requirements

I have municipal water - Can I still have a well drilled?

In most cases - YES!

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