Beaver Tracks Pvt. Ltd. Ec Complex, Kushaiguda, Hyderabad India, Managing Director Mr. Madhusudhan Reddy, Dinesh Reddy
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Beaver Tracks Pvt. Ltd.

Beaver Tracks Pvt. Ltd.

The Maximum Penetration and Matchless Performance



Quality and durability are essential requisites for all rock drilling tools & equipment, and manufactured to the most exacting standards to meet high performance demands.

Beaver Button Bits are the products of intensive R & D and proven technology ensures the cutting edge to any hard rock homogeneous metamorphic combinations, sedimentary rock and other DTH Drilling operations. Beaver Bits are available in different diameters (3" to 18") and styles to suit specific drilling conditions under various stratas, give peak performance, easy penetration for water well drilling as well as for blasting holes for mining industry.


Manufactured from high quality materials, Beaver products excel in all parameters of DTH operations. The superior strength and design enhanced penetration speed for easy break through in case of hard rocks.

The bit bodies are made from high quality alloy steel, for the most effective drilling operations, perfectly balancing wear and breakage resistance.

The most rigorous tests are conducted on site under different strata conditions to ensure quality that compares with world class for long life with minimum maintenance.

Beaver Button Bits are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and are manufactured as per various drilling requirements, taking into account, all parameters like speed, speed force, rotation speed, regrinding intervals, drill pipe size etc.

The enduring quality of the Bit is the prime criterion for the most efficient Down the hole operations and Beaver Button Bits guarantee cost effective, long life service, with minimum maintenance and maximum utilisation, for most economical and profitable performance.

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